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Large sore lump on gum at site of injection

I recently had a broken molar repaired with filling material as opposed to a cap. Two injections were administered for the  Anaesthetic. I have had a fair amount of dental work in the past but I noticed that the pain after was far greater than before. I took ibruprofen for a full 7 days after. The pain seemed to subside. A few weeks later and now I have a large sore lump at the site of the injections. I am concerned as to what it could be. I am a 42 yr olds male smoker
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I'm sorry to hear that you're sore from the injections.  First of all, sometimes when giving the injection the dental professional will do such a perfect job aiming for the nerve that we will sometimes hit the blood vessel next to it.  Blood vessels and nerves run directly next to each other. Sounds like this is what happened. If it is, it is called a hematoma. This hematoma will heal and go away during the next few weeks, and tenderness and soreness is normal with this.  Take ibuprofen for the pain and suck on popsicles or other frozen treats to help numb it. Of course, brush after or else you're risking developing caries (cavities). As for your smoking, this could be the reason that the hematoma is taking a while to heal---smoking decreases the blood flow to the gingiva and delays healing, amongst other reasons (immune system, overall health).  Write back and let me know if you're doing any better. I'll talk to my dentist and see what he says concerning this.  Good luck.
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I can see that this post is really old, but it's the ONLY one I can find that explains my problem!
I'm hoping you see this and respond.
I had a tooth extraction yesterday. The injection site imediately swelled and everything feels fine EXCEPT for the injection site. It's swollen and tender. Can you tell me if this problem subsided for you? How long it took? What I can/should do about it?
Hey Kamille. I just had alot of dental work done in the past month. The work itself went well and the pain subsided the next day. The injection sites were sore for about a week and my dentist said that it was completely normal.
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