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Need braces but gums are infected

So, I have terrible anxiety and acid reflux/GERD. The combination are terrible for my teeth. furthermore, I have crooked and impacted crowding. Since I grind my teeth and have acid reflux, my teeth are damaged but, I am trying to fix it.

Recently, my mouth is bugging me especially my gums. I saw my dentist who is MIA atm. I saw a different dentist. The experience was like this:

I showed my mouth. He said very little. Asked to see it again. Informed me I have receeding gums ever so slightly. "Minimal gingival" receeding I think he said. I was given a mouth wash. Its been over a week. I am doubtful it is any better. I tried booking a appointment, there is nothing sooner, and he is still on vacation.

I have been online. It is ******* scary. Pics of cancer, gum disease, gingivitis, and perdontitist are all online. I am seeing things about gum scrapings or scalings. I am absolutely terrified. I have always held off on debt but, I would do whatever it takes for front teeth. More importantly, I refused to get in debt but, if this gets worse it could lead to gum disease.

I am scared I already have it. Please help. I got a periodontist appointment booked just in case. I fear my teeth falling out. I am scared of gum disease, scaling or whatever else. As of now, my gums look infected. Not bleeding or pussing but, definitely infected. It looks scratched and even red. My fear is about more retracted gums. Its terribly scary at this point.

I am using a mouth wash but, I do not think its helping me enough. Its been about ten days since the issue started. About 8 since I used the mouth wash. I am freaking out. I am doing a cleaning and I ask the dentist afterward what to do.

The cost of a perdontist Is $145 just for the consult. I am hoping the mouth wash can cure whatever is going on with my gums. I am just scared it gets worse and pics online showing cancer is freaking me out.
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