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Teeth Grinding/Clenching Cause Bite to Shift?

I have been told by my dentist that i have "road tracks" or signs of grinding and clenching.  

Is it possible for one week of sleeping of grinding/clenching to notice a shift in my bite, causing a noticeable uncomfortable bite?

i bought a mouth guard, wore it one night and my bite got much worse, when i close my teeth my bottom touch top creating uncomfortable sensation.


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I have actually had the same exact problem, I started wearing a sports mouth guard about 4 months ago then went to a deteck boil an bite mouth guard, then i saw you can order the acrlic ones online so i ordered the online kit an got it did the impressions and got the acrlic guard within about 10 days i was wearing it 24/7 for about a month an noticed my bite an the way i was breathing an swallowing was DIFFERENT was wondering could that mouth guard that i ordered  changed my bite to have caused me to breathe an swallow differently
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Over -The -Counter mouth guard is generally ineffective for clenching or bruxism. Sometimes it can make condition worse. Seeing a competent tmj specialist is advised.
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