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Upset with look of new caps

Braces in my teens to correct protruding teeth carved out the backs of the two top center teeth. They were refilled numerous times in the last 50 years. Kept chipping or had to be shaved down several times because so thin. Teeth to the side a bit carved out in front from the braces. Dentist mentioned 6 yrs ago should cap 2 center teeth. I kept saying so afraid since I've seen horribly done front teeth many times. Finally agreed, had Invisaligns to correct other issues, dentist recommends six top front teeth be capped. I was panicked when the temp caps were put on. Called with my concerns - too big, only see those six teeth when I smile, wrong shape. Dentist kept saying, it's just the temps, the permanents will be nice, you'll like them. Well, the perms were put in two days ago. They look terrible. They look nothing like the multiple pictures of my smile I provided. They change  the shape of my face, it looks nothing close to my smile. They look very unnatural - larger than my natural teeth, bulky, and now look protruding. They look nothing like my smile. I am extremely upset. What can I do about this?
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Gosh, I'm sorry. I've noticed every time I get teeth work, my teeth look a little different to me and imagine caps are a dramatic change. I have read that veneers and caps can change the shape of one's face but many want this. In that it can improve things, make you look younger. Likened to a face life for some without surgery. I take it you were not bargaining for this and it wasn't mentioned to you. I would try this because the caps are likely permanent or you'll have to repay for them if you go somewhere else to be remade. And as they likely removed a thin layer of enamel of your teeth to place them, you are now in the situation of not going back. So, I'd try to give it a month to see if it becomes normal. I remember when my Aunt had this done. She did look a little different but then it became her normal. She didn't look different anymore. I have wondered if I'll be getting the same thing done that you have in the future as my teeth are thin and just bleh as I get older ... I wish you loved it. But I'd wait to see if you do grow used to them and begin to appreciate them. They are so expensive that you are lucky to have been able to get them. Not minimizing how you feel at all. I understand.
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