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Can depression cause muscle jerks/spasms?

Hi everyone,I have been quite depressed for some time and since like november i have been getting really bad muscle jerks/spasms and im wondering if its caused by stress because i have been to the hospital and had tests and they cant find anything wrong so i dont know what to do now...any help or advise is appreciated thank you.
(im 15 year old girl and my name is Yasemin)
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It can be.  It can also be caused by medication, if you're being medicated for your depression antidepressants often cause this problem.  It can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies, especially in the electrolyte minerals such as magnesium and potassium.  It can also be caused by something you did that might have overworked a muscle.  Lots of things can cause symptoms.  You say you are depressed -- have you been diagnosed with that?  Are you maybe feeling sad about something, which is different than having depression?  Have you seen a psychologist for it to get it diagnosed and treated?  
Thank you for your answer...i am not on any medication and i have had lots of blood tests saying that my vitamins and minerals are good...the doctors are saying that i should go and see people at CAMHS but i really dont want to go...
It is completely normal. Like the commenter above has stated. Numerous reasons, medication side effects, it can also be anxiety. Do you find yourself anxious when this is happening?
The muscle jerking problem im having is something that happens all day even if im not feeling depressed on that day...i am not taking any medication at the moment.
You said they found nothing wrong, however did the doctor even witness any muscle jerking? Perhaps it is just some minor twitch that you are overly concerned about.
I wish i could post a video because it is not something small it is very noticable and yes the doctors have seen it...i have had an EEG and an MRI and nothing has come up.
What's your diet like?  What's your life like?  Does this happen when you're involved with something or just when you're alone and thinking about how unhappy you are?  You're very young, so it's hard to recommend something to try, such as supplements of nutrients that are associated with this sort of thing.  So many people of your age eat so poorly or don't eat much at all that the lack of nutrients just piles up until the body can't take it anymore and it tells you something is wrong.  This is often very hard for a regular doctor to find, because they don't know much about nutrition and don't usually focus much on it.
I have been having trouble eating lately because i have been feeling sick and getting stomach pains but usually my diet is quite good...i have these involuntary muscle jerks/spasms all day and it only stops when i sleep...
You say they witnessed it but you said they didn't think there was anything wrong. It sounds pretty minor if that is the case or is there more to what they said?
At first they were concerned and thought it was something serious like epilepsy but they done scans and tests and nothing came up abnormal
I am taking cbd oil and it is helping me but if i stop using it for a few days it comes back and also i dont really want to keep taking it as it is expensive and it could have some other side effects....
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