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Currently on 200mg of zoloft... miserable and frustrated.

I've been on some form of antidepressant since I was 16 (11 years running now).  They started me on zoloft, then prozac, then lexapro, then back to zoloft at a higher dosage.  Then around 7 years ago I started getting panic attacks, so they put me on some benzos along with cymbalta and abilify.  Cymbalta was the worst drug I'd ever been on; I felt like a walking zombie... not depressed, just not anything at all.  I've been through three or four different talk therapists and a handful of psychiatrists.  I've given up on both due to their lack of ability to listen (anyone else notice that?).  I now just receive my rxs from my GP, which is fine... but I am now on the maximum dosage for zoloft of 200 mg a day and it is a struggle to leave my bed in the morning.  It's taking its toll on my marriage, on my relationships with friends (everybody just stopped calling) and my family.  They want to help, but they just can't seem to understand that I am always miserable and I hate myself and everything I've ever done.  I am unable to see anything productive or useful I have ever done and I don't see the point of going on like this.  I love my wife and children (1 girl, 1 on the way)  which is the only thing keeping me on this earth.  I guess my question is... What the hell is the next step?  Do I go back to trying to shuffle meds till something works?  Do I just give up and try to drudge on in misery?  Have I been misdiagnosed somehow and do I somehow have a more serious disorder?  Please, someone give me some insight.
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I would go for a medication evaluation to consider medication change and/or addition of another.  Sounds like it either may not be working for you anymore or that dosage is not therapeutic for you.

I would also suggest trying to find a psychiatrist and therapist again.  There are good ones out there (speaking from experience; I've had both bad and good).  Sometimes, it just takes some looking around to actually find the one that clicks with you and will listen.  The GP may be able to prescribe the medications, but that's not his area of specialty.

Best wishes!
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Unfortunately, every psychiatrist I've seen is so distant and disconnected and when I bring up concerns they write them off like I don't know what I'm talking about, when in reality I stay more up to date on research studies on SSRIs than the doctors I'm seeing.  I'm so frustrated with the entire mental health community in my city.  It's a pretty small place and so I've seen every psych in town.  
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Hey there, welcome.

I totally understand what you mean about the p-docs.  I swear, they're a strange bunch themselves, aren't they?  I'll tell you that I kind of accepted years ago that the p-doc was just a necessary evil for me to get what I needed, medication wise.

You're very knowledgeable, which is great....you really can manage most of your own care, if you can find a doctor willing to let you make suggestions (they are out there).  If your PCP is comfortable Rx'ing your psych meds, and you're comfortable with him, that's fine too.  

I would say that it sounds like the Zoloft may be pooping out a bit, in which case, you have options as you know.  Sometimes, a doc will recommend trying an adjunct med (like Abilify) to help improve the efficacy of the antidepressant, and some may recommend a totally different AD all together.  I see you were on Abilify before, with Cymbalta, did you tolerate it okay?

Definitely talk to your doctor...tell him what you've told us here....heck, print out this thread if you want (it's written very well, you express your issues very nicely) and ask for his help, both in suggesting some medication ideas, and also a referral to a therapist you may have better luck with.  It's far easier to find a decent therapist than it is a decent p-doc, IMO.  You may just have to try a bunch before finding one that is the "best match".

Keep talking to us...we care, and we've been there, so we feel your pain buddy!
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Are you still taking Abilify? Please clarify what you are now taking?
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