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Good Mood Or Something Else?

Okay... so my moods are up and down still but anyway today I was in a really good mood I mean full of energy (which I'm not normally) I laughed at anything possible (even my laptop!) couldn't sit still (running everywhere) Talking more/louder, paranoid that people were talking about me, my heart was beating really fast (which could have been from running ect but not sure, when I had to sit down to get ready it was still beating fast) But it only lasted for around half an hour was this just a really good mood or was it a hypomanic episode that weren't bad? And if it is a hypomanic episode can you get them without having bipolar?
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I feel that you had a hypomania episode. It is common in people with bi-polar. If the episodes are recurrent I would advise going to your GP to get a referral to a psychiatrist as normal depression can sometimes develop into manic depression dependant upon genetics and other factors. Your hypomania episode may also be linked to major depression. If you need any support with your episodes feel free to PM me at any time as I understand what it's like not knowing what is really going on with you. :)
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Thank you, yeah I knew it was common in people with bipolar. I've been to the doctors twice so far and both times they've sent me to councilling one said that I was over reacting. I didn't even know they were allowed to write that. It's all way too confusing :/
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