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New meds, help please!

Last week I started taking sertraline as prescribed by my doctor for anxiety/mild depression. She said it would help my temper and keep me from snapping at every little thing like before and keep me from being over emotional towards things. For the first few days it felt like it was working and I was happier than I have been in quite a while but now I just feel like I could snap at the next thing that happens no matter how small.

Is this a normal reaction to have? I know stuff takes a few weeks to set in the right way and I shouldn't jump the gun or anything but I'm just wondering if anyone is familiar with this before I contact my dr again for questions.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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   I have been switched over about a 10yr. period from Zoloft to Prozac, to Cymbalta and so on. I have never taken the drug you described. However, almost every type of meds like this only worked for me about a month and then just the opposite, they reversed into a feeling twice as bad as when I first started the meds. Take note that my meds were for Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety, and a slew of other problems. Not sure if this relates to you or not.
   Anyhow, I had taken Valium at the dentist before and felt a lot of the symptoms go away (even though this isn't what they gave me the Valium for). I began going to a Mental Health Facility and explained what I thought would work but the PCP DR. I had was strictly against prescribing meds that were of this nature. At this time (early 2000's) the counselor told me to go see my Dr. and ask him if he would put me on a time released Xanax (xanax er) because it was not as likely to cause addiction. To my surprise, my Dr. told me if they said this and I wanted to try it... he'd be more than happy to let me try it. It turned out to be a life saver. I too felt like I would snap and possibly hurt someone before taking this. After I began taking it, I felt wonderful and it never reversed on me. I took it for years and never went back to the ill thoughts of being on the edge of kicking someones *** all the time.
   The only problem I had was that this drug is very expensive if insurance doesn't cover it. I eventually went to IR xanax and then to Valium. They work well for this too but not nearly as good as the time release xanax.
   I'm not sure this is the answer you're looking for but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth. Good luck.
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Was your life seriously disrupted to where you couldn't function, or were you just having some trouble.  If the latter, therapy would have been and would still be a better choice.  If the former, then medication might be necessary, but these drugs do affect personality, and they affect it differently by the individual -- some feel no effect, some a lot, some more than they can handle.  Just the nature of dealing with the brain.  That's why you should always exhaust non-medication approaches if your life is still functional, as the medication will always be there if you really need it.
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I agree with Paxiled.

That said, you definitely have to give the Zoloft some time.  It's far too soon to determine how you're going to do on it.  Hang in there and keep us posted!
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Yeah sertraline is generic Zoloft. I can't take brand name medications unless generics fail in my system.

There wasn't one thing that was a problem, I think it's just a bunch of things that finally got to me all at once. I've had people I care about pass away before getting to see important parts of my life an part of me feels cheated. I'm a 24 year old mother of 2 kids ages 2 and 9 months and I do most of the caring for them by myself. I'm in more debt over school than I ever thought I would be and I don't have a degree yet and in fact am registered to go back to school in September. My boyfriend (and kids' dad) helps where he can/where he thinks he should but then everything else comes down on me. Like, he pays rent and utilities and for his car and odd and end things here and there, and I pay for food, diapers, clothes, extra activities, and my car and phone. Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed and I feel angry again like before. I yell, then cry, then yell again and punch a pillow or throw my phone/remote into the couch/bed, then cry again and take off from the house alone and drive around, and sometimes while driving around during those fits I fight with myself back and forth between just driving as far as my car will take me to get as far away as possible or just wrapping my car around a pole and ending it for good. I don't actually have suicidal thoughts I just feel like life for my girls and my family would just be better off without me. I get talked out of leaving and stay and it just gets worse the next time. So for my girls' sake I brought it up to my dr and the sertraline is what she recommended but said it was up to me if I thought it was worth my girls growing up with who I've been as the mom they'll always remember or if I want them to only have the good memories.
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