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Sudden depression, bupropion not working

At the age of 30, after a dramatic weight loss due to a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (50 lbs!) I started to experience SEVERE depression and anxiety for the first time in my lifea year ago. No history of emotional problems, nor is my life troubled. It's actually quite stable.

I have spent this year exploring every medical possibility: B12, thyroid, neuro issues, heart issues, thiamine, and more.

I broke down and started bupropion 8 weeks ago, I am up to 300XL and have been for 6 weeks. I have felt a roller coaster of emotions, and during the 8 weeks maybe 5 days of feeling "good". My question is: is it possible I actually need more time to see results with bupropion?

In your opinion, is a SSRI or serotogenic drug a better remedy for sudden clinical depression for a woman? I am in therapy, I also practice MMA and jog daily. My diet is superb, my sleep is fairly regular. I feel intense dread for no reason. I have considered starting birth control to stabilize my hormones, would this help since estrogen as stored in fat cells?
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I started taking Buproprion XL 150 mg on 4/11/13 in addition with Sertraline 100 mg although I have Hypothyroidism since 2003.
Recently I have had higher amounta of depressed and rage feelings. So my doctor gave me an increase to 300mg Bupropion XL and to help me sleep  Lorazepam/Ativan .05 mg.
I would give it a month and see your doctor in a month for a recheck with your doctor.
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I am on bupropion also. I too had the same results with it and they added Celexa 40mg daily and the combination of the two seems to be working ok. I would think you have been on it long enough for it to start working. With all of the side effects that I have heard that go along with taking "the pill" I'm not sure that would be your best choice. Please add to your post if naything new develops with  you
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Hi sirensiren , to respond to your specific questions:  Yes , you need more time to see if the bupropion (wellbutrin ) will be effective for you , and NO , an ssri/snri is not a better remedy as a first line of treatment for depression.
Give the bupropion another month before starting anything else. Best of luck.
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