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Tramadol an SNRI?

I can’t take SNRI medications because they actually make my depression worse. My pain management doctor gave me Tramadol to take. Is that going to cause the same issues? I feel like it has. This doctor has had me on methadone which I had allergic reactions,then Belbucca which was horrible and now the Tramadol. I’ve had chronic pain since 2003 from work injuries. I was on Vicodin and then given oxycodone. Never any abuse issues. I had to change PM doctors and this guy is prescribing these meds to appease our government. Trying to tell him I’m sensitive to a lot of meds goes in one ear and out the other! My body has been put thru H*** with all this. I have anxiety and depression as well. My Xanax was even taken away! According to the Gov I will take a Xanax and a pain med,go to sleep and not wake up,oh please. I have been put thru so much in the last year it’s unacceptable.
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This is an American problem.  Remember, we had Prohibition, and we still have it for marijuana and other recreational drugs.  It doesn't work, of course, but that doesn't stop people.  Right now you're caught in one of our periodic opioid crises.  Sometimes it's an LSD scare.  Sometimes it's going overboard about drunk driving (keep in mind that nobody ever has to prove alcohol in the system caused the crash, it's assumed because activists have made the law that way.  This is not to advocate driving while intoxicated, nobody should do that, but if somebody runs a red light and creams you and you happen to have alcohol in your system, no matter how small an amount these days, you will shoulder part of the blame.  This is America).  So right now there's a problem that a whole lot of Americans are suffering with chronic pain.  Nobody tries to figure out why that is, but estimates of some are that about half of it are unnecessary and botched surgeries by orthopedists.  Those who need opiates should obviously be able to get them.  Those who don't need them should obviously not be prescribed them.  We can ignore those who take them to get high -- those will always find something to get high on through the black market.  For someone like you who needs medication, you should be able to get it without being treated like a criminal, assuming you actually do need it -- that's something we can't answer here, we just have to take your word for it that nothing else worked for you and you can't get better.  Anyway, SNRIs are very different drugs.  I'm not sure if they suppress pain or just make you not care you're in pain, but they are stimulating antidepressants that individuals have very different reactions to.  Because one gave you a bad reaction doesn't mean they all will; a different one might actually help your anxiety and depression as well as mitigate your pain, I don't know.  Tramadol is another opiate.  It tends to be used mostly for it's side effect of sedation to help people sleep.  I don't know how strong it is.  All opiates are addictive; part of the current problem is that those who came up with oxy and vicodine lied and convinced people they weren't as addictive as any other opiate or synthetic opiate.  We're not dealing with that lie, because doctors way overprescribed them.  Don't know if Tramadol will help you or not, but again, this is an opiate.  Any time you want to know about meds, you can Google them, there are several reputable sites on the web that discuss drugs.  But know that opiates help some with depression and increase it in others, though they all tend to alleviate anxiety and pain, but only until you get used to them and then you take them to maintain to avoid withdrawal or increase dosage to get the same effects if you become addicted to them (not everyone gets addicted to addictive drugs).  Hope this helps some.  Peace.
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Doctors often use tramadol to treat mild to moderate pain. In addition to pain, tramadol has a certain effect on depression.
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