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my left toe has no feeling do you know what could be wrong?
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You might want to post your question in the general health forum. I think the people there can better help you. I hope you find out what's going on soon.
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You have posted on the depression forum, but I don't think numb toes come under this.  As remar above says, try another forum.
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You might want to ask ur family doc if u might have a neuroma-It's a small bundle of nerve tissue in ur foot.
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I agree...you need to ask your doc.  One thing...it's likely NOTHING to worry about at all.  Sometimes you can get a pinched nerve, even from wearing ill-fitting shoes!  My pinky toe was numb for like 2-3 weeks one time from a stupid pair of sandals that were too narrow.  They looked cute though!  LOL
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That's what I was thinking Nursegirl, a pinched nerve. I had a numb spot on the bottom of my foot not long ago and went to see my chiropractor. Sure enough, it was a pinched nerve and also from not having enough arch support in my shoes.
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Sorry everyone I thought I did
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