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Anal lumps of some sort?

Hello. A few days ago, I've had a particularly hard stool, which injured the anus (small bleeding). However, since I was at work, I couldn't take a bath immediately. Now I have a small lump there, and it hurts, especially after a bowel movement. What is this? Should I be worried?
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That sounds like it would be a hemroid. Painful little suckers, but grab yourself some cream and a soft cushion and relax. If you continue to have hard stools, get some stool softners that will help not to agrivate it more.
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You're right, now that I read about them (didn't really know what they are), that's what it feels like. Thanks, I'll take Your advice. I'm thinking more vegetables should help soften my stool  (I have a rather dry diet, and sit a lot due to the nature of my work).

Thank you again.
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Yep its hemerrhoids, they suck! i acually have some right now that are hurting me. I have been using the Prep H cream and the suppositories, but sometimes they get so bad I have to call my Dr. to get me something better. And once you get them you'll always have them =(. not all the time but they are capable of coming back.
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I always get the stuff that comes back :( . First the oral herpes when I was a kid, and now this. How do you even get this?

The interesting thing is, I had one just a few months ago, but I figured it was just skin irritation, and it went away after a day or two. But this one decided to stick around, I guess. If it didn't I would never have known what it is :)
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I've forgot to ask : does having an external hemerrhoids mean I also have internal ones? Or are they unrelated?
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Hemorrhoids are varicosities and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus.They are caused and increased by increased straining during bowel movements, by constipation or diarrhea,hypertension,obesity, excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine and portal hypertension. Depending on their location,they can be internal(rectum) or external(near anus) hemorrhoids.Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless.
Diagnosed by clinical examination,Per rectal examination and anoscopy.

For the treatment,first of all make sure that your fiancé increases the fiber intake in his diet.Then local anesthetic creams,vasoconstrictors,protectants,antiseptics,analgesics(pain relievers),corticosteroids and keratolytics can be used.Non medical treatment involves sclerotherapy, Rubber band ligation,heat coagulation,cryotherapy and surgery.

I would suggest a general surgeon’s opinion on this.

I hope this helps.Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.

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