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DESPERATE- recurring rash on neck

For around 5 years, I’ve experienced a recurring rash around my neck. The rash starts just below my jaw line (circling the circumference of my neck) and ends just below my collarbone.

When this rash “flares up” it always produces a BRIGHT red rash, and is often accompanied by burning and/or itching, and sometimes even has moist feel to it.

Sweating (which for me happens often, and more easily and extensively than anyone I know) seems to vastly increase the irritation. It has actually caused me to workout less, and do less activities, as the burning sensation and redness are umcomfortable and embarrassing.

After a few days, the burning/itching will subside, and redness may decrease. However, it’s been years since my neck skin tone has matched the rest of my body, which is also very embarrassing.

I’ve been to 3 different dermatologists, but to be honest it seems like none of them have cared enough to take is serious and just want to filter patients in and out as quickly as possible.

Over the years, I’ve been prescribed antihistamines, hydrocortisone, steroidal creams, antifungals, etc.  None of which has cured the problem, and honestly hasn’t really done much to even reduce my symptoms.

I’m beginning to think it is sweat related, maybe blocked sweat glands from excessive sweating.

I’ve done everything I could think, I’ve avoided any abrasive soaps, I avoid sunlight as much as possible, and I wear loose fitting shirts and almost never wear a collared shirt.

I’m desperate to figure this out, it interferes with day-to-day activity, and as mentioned is extremely embarrassing when my neck is the only part of my body that is drastically red compared to my light complexion everywhere else.

Please help!
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Have you tried apple cider vinegar and getting on an alkaline diet? If your body is acidic I’ve had this happen to me for long periods of time. Try going a more natural route when possible and remember fruits/veg/salad is more important that greasy junk foods. Also staying hydrated with lemon water and eating nuts to keep healthy skin-friendly oil levels up helps. Hope you are cleared up very soon! :)
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I'm a bit confused, as apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and so are lemons.  So you either advocate an alkaline diet or you don't, right?  Before anyone just does this, they do need to know if they have an imbalance because apple cider vinegar while beneficial when needed is harmful when conditions aren't right for it.  As to natural dietary info, the recommendation is always for a balance, not leaning toward too much acidity or too much alkalinity.  You lean when you are out of balance, but one can't really know that without some diagnostic testing.  One can experiment, but again, if you are having acidity problems apple cider vinegar can make them worse so some caution is appropriate.  And for skin friendly oils, while nut oils applied on the surface can be useful sometimes, the real skin friendly oils come from certain seeds and algae and seafood much more than from nuts, for example chia, flax and hemp seeds.  Nuts are great for you, though.  But you are absolutely correct if someone does have a condition that has gotten out of balance in the way you describe.  Peace.
Also, for anyone reading this, do know that maintaining an alkaline diet for too long is harmful as you need acidity to digest protein and some minerals and can therefore lead to malnutrition.  
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