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Has anyone experienced any of these skin/hair symptoms

Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on with my skin and hair. A-little after a month of receiving COVID vaccine I started noticing sharp pains throughout my scalp with sudden hair shed all over, then after I’d wash my hair with the same shampoo/conditioner I’ve used for years my hair got hard, like l left a pound of gel in my hair and my hair would stick to my ears, my scalp itches and my hair texture has changed too like it’s wire that won’t lay down and hairsprays won’t hold it down, just makes it feel hard. My hair now just feels like a dirty sticky mess even though I scrub ny scalp and hair. I’ve tried shampoos for dandruff, T gel, medicated shampoos for dry scalp, Apple cider vinegar, baking soda, Tea Tree oil, clarifying, you name it . I feel like every smell sticks to me, now my skin won’t absorb anything like makeup, lotions,etc. my skin now feels constantly dirty no matter what I wash with. I can put lotions on and it just sets there like I’m trying to rub in water. My skin on my face and body feels hard and shiny and feels like I can’t get clean, my eyelids have become puffy/ thick and some mornings they look like the color of blisters, my foundation that I’ve always used will not rub into my skin, my eyelashes even feel weird like their wire and mascara won’t dry. I constantly feel dirty all over even after I shower. and noticed I don’t sweat like I used to, feet feel dirty and itches. I itch all over now and dust/ dirt seems to stick to me. I’ve got sharp pains under my eyes/ jawbone areas, . I’ve been to 2 dermatologist and 2 rheumatologist and all my tests are negative. They look at me like I’m crazy. I’ve tried everything, changed water filter, shampoos, soaps, lotions/ moisturizers. Nothing seems to help. My eyes, skin, scalp just constantly itches now like I haven’t washed. I’ve also had a coating on my tongue for 5+ years now before any other symptoms which no one can dx. I don’t know if I have a fungus, candida, or skin allergy. Every dr says no when I ask for testing. Can anyone help
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You’re not alone and it’s not Covid or the vaccine. Have you read any of the other threads about waxy hair, films feeling “webbed?” You’ll find a lot of people going through the same issue as you. Mine has been noticeable to me for three plus years now and it’s progressed to pain 24/7. I took someone’s advise and joined the mold and Morgellons  group on Facebook.  It’s helped a lot. It took me a while to give in and do it but I’m so glad I did. I didn’t know the extent of the disease and was unsure if it was real most of my life but now I’m convinced that’s what I have. Look at the other threads on here and think about joining the fb group. Good luck! Oh-heat will temporarily reposition areas of activity. It avoids heat and direct light. If stressed enough the “film” will sometimes dissipate for a very short time. That’s when I rush and clean as much as I can. The film returns quite fast and that’s the only time I can apply antibiotics to my real skin and clean it fast. Keep a “go” kit handy so when it happens you can get as much grooming done as possible. I use a rosewater spray, it helps moisturize and seems to repel this stuff. Lotion moves up my body in a patch and disappears somewhere around my neck. I truly believe it’s used for other purposes. No idea what though. Then the film settles and ages me 30 years. I haven’t felt clean in years. This is the worst thing ever because no one believes me and I’ve lost everyone that was close to me. I’m trying to carry on but it’s harder everyday.
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Everything you said is as if I wrote the post. It's not enough that we have to feel self conscious about our outward appearance, but the internal feelings we have to suppress just isn't fair. I've lost most family and friends, as well.   It's beating me down.  
I’m trying to reply but it’s so bad this week I ca barely walk. I’d like to talk but I can’t write right now. I will as soon as this calms down just a bit. I’m in bad shape.
Also I no longer think it’s morgellons
i do not think it is morgellons either.  i have this same thing with all the hair issues, the sinus issues, the crawling, the black threads and any other you can mention.  i have recently been made aware of a fungal infection called Valley Fever, or coccidioides.  there is a test for it and it is a real disease, although more people have it than know about it.
I was very nauseated yesterday and I was vomiting quite a bit. Idc how gross this sounds but I document everything. I had a hit on a spiral shaped object and I’m going to start looking there. It came up as an aspergillus spore. Bright light also brings to the surface all kinds of nasty things. Lots of black thread like strings everywhere. Even objects around me. Idk. This has been going on for so long and the pain is 24/7 now. All these years of fighting this and not a single dr will help or listen. Not even my family believes me. I’ve lost everything and I’m at the point that I don’t know what I’m even fighting for anymore.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. We appreciate your question but not that this is happening to you. With the covid 19 vaccine, the reactions seem to be wide. Most don't suffer any significant issues. But that this is related to your vaccine can't be ruled out.  Some report hair loss. Some have autoimmune responses. Do the doctors you see give the reaction they do because of trying to correlate it to the covid 19 vaccine? I am sure that is frustrating to not feel like you are taken seriously.  I would tell you to try again but am sure you are growing weary.  
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Do you itch at all? There are different forms of dermatitis.
Yes, esp my face, arms, scalp. It feels like dust particles stick to my face/ eyes causing itch. My fingers are usually red. I’m not sure what’s causing it. Everytime I shampoo my scalp, it feels like bugs are crawling around/ nerve itch. I’ve tried sensitive skin soaps/ shampoos with no luck. It’s like my oil production has stopped and I have sticky sebum that won’t wash off
Ditto sister!

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Read all posts about demodex and demodicosis

They live and breed and make tunnels under the skin and deep in the follicles. They line the eyes and lashes too

They co exist with mallazessia too.

Good luck
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demodex are there in our skin by nature and should not normally bother us.  
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wow this could have been me writing this post. Even down to the tongue! The hair in my nose, on my arms and on my face seems to have doubled in volume, but my eye lashes, eyebrows and scalp, seem to be losing hair at crazy speeds. The black: dust; seeds; flat circles; flecks; specks; splinter things that I find all over me are driving me nuts. My skin is now so sensitive, that I can feel an eyelash on my leg and because it's stinging or itchy. Hopefully you can open the link to ScienceDirect, if not Google comma, zigzag and bar code like hairs ScienceDirect, see if anything resonates with you https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1027811713000876
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Does it make your hair and body smell no matter what?
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