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Disfiguring Skin Condition!!

I have attached photos of my skin lesions.

I am a 20 year old female. No known medical history except sensitive skin when I last did a ***** test (dust mites, histamine, and 4 other chemicals I cannot remember) At the end of the 15min, I had very prominent erythematous swellings and pruritus.

I have had "poor" skin since young but my wound/scar recovery had always been satisfactory. In the recent year or so, however, I started having these pruritic raised, papular rashes and even if I try not to scratch them, they turn very red. Upon "healing" they have a central red dot surrounded by hyperpigmented skin which is extremely disfiguring, as a result, I've not been able to go out without full body covering. And for others, it just becomes a brownish patch (refer to pictures)

In addition, I've noticed these small pale papular lesions on my arms which appear spontaneously. I had 3 or 4 of them when I was 14years old and now there are close to 50 on my both arms, forearms and hands. And much to my concern, do not come the same way as I've described in the previous paragraph. They just increase in numbers and distribution over the years. Non-pruritic at all.

A point which I think may be important, these 2 kinds of lesions are found only on my limbs. Up to my shoulders and groin areas but not a single one on my trunk.

Please help me. I've seen doctors and one said it was molluscum, the other says it was eczema. As a medical student myself, I don't think neither is right.
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This may be way out in left field, but it also may be a helpful clue.  I have Lyme disease, and therefore check web sites about the disease on occasion.  You may be interested in looking at the petertravis41 you tube site that shows up under Lyme disease.  There is skin pictured that looks somewhat like yours. Also, it's difficult to see, but it looks as though you have a pale larger erythema, which is something I get now after years of treatment, which is disseminated Lyme rash.  I was told initially that I had eczema.  It did not look like what you have, except that it itched terribly, darkened the skin, thinned it and it looked terrible.  My Lyme doctor, however, said that Lyme can cause a large variety of rashes. Now after years of treatment, I just get a non-itchy erythema, sometimes with slightly raised boarders, that comes and goes quickly and does not darken the skin .  If you look at your pictures you can see a pale redness behind the spots, which is noticeable particularly in the upper right picture.    I believe I got Lyme disease in 1974 (Bell's palsy and probable bite site) and didn't get the rash until 1990.
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Thanks alot for the input. But I'm positive it isnt Lyme's. No painful joints nor erthyma migrans in my case. And at my place, the Ioxdes ticks aren't common at all.
Thanks alot for the input!!
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pretty basic... what about folliculitis... i donno if i spelt it right its where the hair follicles get infected and leave nasty scars
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