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Redness/rush on breast. Not itchy or other symptoms.

Hello everyone! I am a 25 year old female. I have a light pink, even, round, skin redness on my left breast, near my areola. It is not itchy, hard, scaly, swollen, or has any other symptoms. But i have it for 5 months and it keeps getting bigger. Right now it has a 3cm diameter. I have tried multiple creams on it(for fungus, for sunburn, with cortisone) and nothing has worked. I have gone to 6 doctors and no one could tell me what this is. I am pretty scared that it keeps getting bigger and especially that it is on my breast and actually takes a small part of my areola too. The only thing i remember doing before getting it, is using a bar soap on my breast to clean them and maybe having gone to the beach and stayed with the wet bikini on me for hours. Can someone help me?..
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Even though you are young, and it isn't "seeping", bleeding, oozing, itchy, painful, etc...I would still ask to be tested for breast cancer ( just to be safe).
I am NOT saying it is breast cancer, but I'm sure it would put your mind at ease. They would probably do an ultrasound style ( rather than mammogram) because of your age.
It's possible that it's some sort of "birth mark" that you didn't notice before.
If you had other symptoms such as itching or flaking I would assume it was dry skin or eczema...but you say you have no other symptoms...this would "stump" any doctor without further testing.
Thank you for your answer! I have been tested 2 times with ultrasound and still nothing. Also i don't think it is a birth mark, because it is getting bigger. Although it is not easy to see it, its color is faint, unlike a kind of breast cancer and it doesn't hurt.
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