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Severe skin rash for over a month

My friend went swimming at wekiva springs in florida. he got out of the water and was extremely itchy all over. the next day he woke up covered in a massive rash from head to toe. he has gone to the emergency room, to the clinic, and no one knows what is wrong with him. Tey have said it's just an allergic reaction and will clear up in a week, he has had this rash for a month now and it has not gotten any better! i am almost positive it is from the water at wekiva springs, i have googled and binged until i am blue in the face. someone please help me figure this out. i thought maybe it was from algae in water and now i am thinking it's the sulfate in the water. i don't know what it is, but i am so worried about my friend, he will not leave his house due to embarrassment. if anyone knows or can help me PLEASE let me know!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!
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Cercarial dermatitis.
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If so, notifiable disease in Florida.
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