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Severely itchy groin and butt, but with no other apparent symptoms

About three months ago I started getting an itchy groin. Nothing severe, just chalked it up to summertime sweating. Fast forward to now and it's uncontrollable. So severe I can't even sleep.

Both my urologist and dermatologist ruled out "jock itch" and basically said it's probably from sweating or
general moisture. I have NO rash or redness.

The doctors cure? Just use some jock itch spray or maybe some cortisone. They both dismissed it like it's nothing.
I will say that both "cures" do help a little (masking it), but later on in the day it's so severe I can't even concentrate. It's just won't go away. It's painful, burning and uncontrollably itchy. I haven't switched laundry detergents, soaps, or anything new that may be an irritant.

I've never had anything like this before. Suggestions?
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I totally agree with Curfew.

The only other thing is that even if you haven't changed any products, have any of your products changed formulas - think "new and improved"? Have they added a scent to it, or have you changed scents?
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If I had to guess, given that you've tried other treatments, I'd say you could have a yeast infection (which wouldn't likely respond to the jock-itch cream).

Also, if it IS a fungal infection, you may have to try several different creams or sprays, with different active ingredients.  There are quite a few, and most are over-the-counter.  I had a fungal infection on my skin that I treated with the active ingredient in jock itch cream, and it did almost nothing.  I switched to the one for athlete's foot, with a different active ingredient, and that worked a charm.

Here's a list of some of the common anti-fungals: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/antifungal-medicines/
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