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Skin problems:ringworm turned out to be a rashes

hello doctors! can you please help me with my problem..i was diagnosed with ringworm last 2yrs ago..after the medication it was gone..now after a year the said 'ringworm' came back again, on the same spot where it started...so i got back to my dermatologist and she  gave me floucinonide cream...and after a folow up check-up it twas gone...so after a year now (the present), they exist again...but i think it's not ringworm anymore the same area where it has grown..my derma before advised me to have the skin biopsy but my father refused  me to do it, cuss they are afraid since when you say biopsy it is a big thing.. now i am very confused if what it is in my neck and some part of my breast ..it is reddish sometimes itchy and dry (flaky)i continued using floucinonide cream and after the application it cured it but i gues it's just dependent from that ointment ..they are around my neck....this 'rashes'' is so unpredictable it comes back and then gone again...please help me with this i'm sick of this...i cant enjoy wering off shoulders anymore since it is a turn off...thank you
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If you have a fungus infection, flucinolone creme would convert it to what is called Tinea incogito making it difficult to diagnose. You should use antifungal creme instead, after consulting your Doc.
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thank you for your help i gues i really need to see my derma again... yeah you are right..i googled  Tinea incogito's image and turned out it's likely the same case with some of the images it had shown with mine...
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if this is  Tinea incogito ...is there any kinds of food that triggers this thing? what are the best soap that is mild or how can i get it moisturize?
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is it curable?
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