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Skin rash on face for over 2.5 weeks


I hope someone can help. I have a rash on my face - forehead and both cheeks for over 2 weeks now, I had a video conversation with my doctor and has been prescribed a course of antibiotics (Flucloxacillin) and a steroid cream (hydrocortisone) but they did not help. Now I've been asked to send him some further images and awaiting his response but wanted to have a second opinion. Something that I thought might be relevant is that I have what looks like a fungal infection around the groin area and I've started using some creams and only now read I should use different towel for that part.

Images of the face rush:

Thanks in advance for your help.
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oh my.  Well, anything on the face is troublesome.  ANY other symptoms?  Does it itch?  I am glad you are working with your doctor and they are trying to treat you.  It's hard to tell things from pictures.  Is it that bump under your eye that you are concerned with or is there a patch below that?  Sometimes hard to tell from pics, right?  Here's info on polymorphic light eruption.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/polymorphous-light-eruption/symptoms-causes/syc-20355868  Basically that is a reaction to getting sun.  Got any history of reaction to UV light or photo sensitivity?  Sometimes when that is suspected, they look into the autoimmune disorder of lupus as well.  

Rosacea is pretty common.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/rosacea/symptoms-causes/syc-20353815  It's more common in middle aged women but anyone can get it.  There's a whole bunch of things that make it worse.  Even stress. They manage the symptoms if this turns out to be the case.  Good hygiene is important, reducing stress, sometimes medication is prescribed.  And even laser treatment can be done.  

Tell us what your doctor plans for you.
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Hi, thanks for your comments.

"Is it that bump under your eye that you are concerned with or is there a patch below that" - Its the patch below.
"Got any history of reaction to UV light or photo sensitivity?" - never had any issues but i know my mom suffers from eczema and my dad use to get what he called "Sun rash"
"ANY other symptoms?  Does it itch?" - it did when it first came out - it also came out a couple of days after i was sitting in the sun for a full day, but never use to happen before.
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Little update - I have now spoken to 2 GP's that saw the images and one of them is saying the it looks like Rosacea and the other that it can be Polymorphic light eruption ?!
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