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What can cause this odd unexpected bruising???

Very weird, tender bruising .... what in the heck??????  

I have noticed that about the last 10 days or so I have been itchy all over .... and I am especially itchy on my thighs!!!  When I went to the restroom last night I noticed that I have more small finger print size purple bruises then normal on my thighs.  I have noticed in the last few years I have been bruising very easily with little tiny finger print sized bruises that last a long time.  The tiny bruises that I tend to get are usually on my legs ... especially on my thighs ... but I do get them on my forearms as well.  However, in the middle of the night as I tossed and turned I noticed my left thigh hurt as if it was really bruised BADLY.  I went to the restroom and saw the oddest bruise ever.  It is bigger then my palm and is different shades of red.  When you look closely, though, you can see that the pores within the bruise are a dark purple .... many dark purple pinpoint spots.  This bruise is freaky and much bigger then my typical bruising.  This one is extremely tender too.  My whole thigh is tender today.  I really wonder if this is associated with the flank pain and abdominal pain attack I had yesterday evening.

I have been having other complications in the last month and I am not sure if any might be related, but I am going to share a few.  I have been having hypertension that began suddenly in 2009 and tachycardia that began mid May.  At night I am having palpitations and occasional chest pain as well which have sent me to ER a couple of times.  They say my ECG's appear normal with only minor irregularities along with the Tachycardia.  They said that I was having flattened T Waves but that is nothing to be concerned about.  My heart has given me MUCH trouble and I am practically bedrest and still have hours where my heart rate is 110.  I can't even think about going outside during the day as the heat drives my heart crazy now.  I am waiting to get into a cardiologist as we speak.  Also, my headaches have been worse then usual this last month and it seems that I spend half my day extremely nauseous but never throw up.  

Also, I have had kidney stones many times and last night I started having lower back pain that wrapped around to the right lower abdomen.  It was similar to prior kidney stone attacks but not near as severe.  Last night I was wondering if I was maybe passing a SMALL stone as I can still urinate and I am not crippled with pain as I am with a larger stone.  The pain was similar to the stone pain ... intense and deep as stones can be.  

I have a long and complicated medical history but these bruises are the new and latest mystery.   I am not sure if any of my symptoms from the last month relate to what is going on with the tender bruises ... I am really only curious as to what might be causing them.    My thigh is horribly tender to the touch ... even rolling around on the bed or pulling my pants up and down hurts.  Please give me any insight!!!  
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This could be a variant Henoch-Schbnlein Purpura (HSP). Your abdominal pain with ecchymosis makes me think of this.
Henoch-Schbnlein Purpura (HSP) is a common, usually self-limited, vasculitis affecting children and young adults. But it can occur in adults.
Do consult your Doc.
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Henoch Schonlein purpura.Spelling error regretted.
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Thank you so much for your response.  I looked into the HSP and though it appears rare in adults ... I do think that this sounds a bit like what's going on based on the symptoms mentioned and my history with the last couple of this sounds a lot like what could be happening.

Earlier tonight I was doubled over in intense flank pain and was hurting severely in my abdomen, but I have noticed the pain comes in waves so I rode it out.  I have been tempted to go to the ER a couple of times because the pain has become quite intense, but as it is the weekend and the ER's are horrible on weekends I keep telling myself "this to shall pass and just wait until Monday to call my PCP."  And, at least, I have not developed any new bruises yet, and my thigh is already feeling a bit better.  Now, after reading a bit more on HSP I am not sure if I should try to see my PCP, my Rheumatologist, or my Urologist.  I am still waiting to get in as a new patient with the Cardiologist.  Crap, who knows?  Maybe I should seek a Dermatologist also.  Urg!
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Hopefully things should  settle down assuming it is HSP.Do consult your Doc, in any case.
With my best wishes.
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