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What is this bump on my penis shaft?

Recently saw a bump on my penis shaft. It doesnt hurt, itch or anything like that. I dont have insurance or money to go to the doctors unless I really have to. Is it cholesterol buildup ? A pimple? Something more serious?  Is this something that I should get checked out? Attached is a picture. Thanks in advance

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I'm not a doctor, but it could be a pimple, an infected hair follicle or something similar.

It doesn't look like herpes.

Is it fluid filled or hard? If it's hard, it may be a wart, but it's not likely that you'd only have one. You posted this several days ago - if you haven't seen improvement, or it's worse, you may want to get it checked. Look around for a low-cost or free std clinic or a Planned Parenthood. They have sliding fee scales so you pay what you can afford based on income.

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Oh and you can see them even if you aren't sure it's an STD. They see ALL the bumps, so they'd know what it is.
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Thats molluscum contagiosum they tend to go away on their own after a few months as i had it a few years ago from unprotected sex.
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