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lesion,holes, no diagnosis???

Hi , have had 3 staph from a brazilian in march.Heal over, fill and need to drain,it clears a little. all the antibiotics, more ingrown are the worst, look like staph. painful!! Ok, june i get a boil right buttock, turns infected , then skin peels , have it lanced,gets worse. End of July i have 3 pimple from plucking chin hair. Now they turn into sores , more antibiotics. 2 derm drs , "quit picking( by the way i am no a picker )heres some cream,  200$ please, or i have never see those before" they are getting worse.I was bit by a spider over 2 weeks ago , at least i saw2 littlred things and had a largepainful bump, they drained to scabs. i have a blackhead, large  pore had for years, sqeeze it pops out never infected. now its a sore size of a quarter, orange peel look. hurts, biopsy normal. But a general one nothing specific. i now have 8  lesions, my breast scab that look like wood chips, 2 hole there in my breast area. i thought i ha worms , i saw some wrigglling, but my dr assures me skindoes weird things, plus i was told i was delusional, saying that. also pulled stringy plast wormy out if pores. my frckles mole are now comine off bleeding. my neck has weird sores. I have been to 2 ERs when blood began coming out of holes. Theytreated me like crap accused me of havun a picking problem. OMG, i don't ang the more time passes the more skin i lose. I can ' work. My dr thinks my silicone implants from 25 yrs ago may be the issue. I even went to the best LA hospital wound care center. they said they could help and i get ther only to be assigned to some Dr that isnt even an attending there nor a wound specialist.
they didnt clean wounds and accused me of being a liar. I have just about had it. All these drs , not wanting to look any further has made me look and feel worse. They took biopsys from healed conspicuous areas, i had a dozen to choose. I guess finally my question. what in the heck do i have, and why am i being treated so poorly , i was bleeding out of a  nickle size hole, infected all over.  could be contageous. PPO, best insurance. My reg doc has only thoufht my implant leaking. Even so the sore have gotten so bad that the homecare wound ladies cant see doing me much longer. I a getting hopeless! The derm i had stated i have picking mental issue, she decided that in the first 2 minutes. She has no degree i know of, and i am not purpisely hurting myself, I even have a psych dr that knows me has supported me. Anyone???I have lots of photos i cant load from ipad but they are gross
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Possibly 'Hidradenitis suppurativa'.
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that was rules out by dr, but i do appreciate you responsing.at first i thought parsite, bed bug, becauae i found what looked like entry hole. but all the doc i went to have all of a sudden added psychatry to their derm license. when i brought in a sample of a atringy thing i plucked it is some form of psychosis. Bunchof crap, i read about this called morgellons and thet look no further than a psych answer. treated like a nut. my general is leaning toward my silicone implants from 25years ago leaking, he had 2cases. I had a very badbacteria from a customer at work, he was the only one out of all the specialists thT found it thru a special test. There are so many, my other derm put me down as delusional picker, now permaneny in my med record. Ido have a psych doc for depression for years he en was appalled at her diagnosis. there is one moe, a waterborn bacteria from reg local water if u have a compronised immune system it attcks skin the same way.
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