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strange bites..I have no clue what they are:( Please help??!

Hey, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, or would know how to treat them, but I've been getting bites it seems every night, (might be daytime too), and I can't for anything figure out what they are. They start just as a little red spot like a mosquito bite, but then swell and get infected. They're circular and become red about an inch or two around sometimes. They ache very badly, but itch like nothing else too. They eventually break, drain, and heal into a small purplish-red scar that wont go away. I get several every 24 hrs. Mostly on the front of my lower legs, but once awhile on my arms, once on my back, and once in my eye X(  I have been searching everywhere for an answer of what these bites (?) might be, and why I'm getting them, but can't really seem to find an answer. I think they might be no-see-um bites, but  i really don't have a clue. I have several siblings, and a few of them got a a couple of these bites this summer, but they were much more mild. Some of my siblings didn't get any at all. Of my whole family, I'm the one who's plagued by them. It's awful and frustrating. I'm 16 and only began to get them this year, after we moved this spring to a different farm (about 2 miles from our old place), here in the foothills of the TN mountains. Just to give as much criteria as possible...there is a creek and woods right near our house. I'm ALWAYS outside, on horseback mostly. I'm in the woods sometimes, but not way too often. My lil bro was the first one to get the bites, when he was helping my dad take out a tree that was on the fence. Then they somehow got to me. I'm the only one who gets them anymore.  Any ideas as to what they might be, and how I can treat them??  --Thanks alot
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ok thanks alot for the info...I'll look into that
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Let me start by saying I'm NO expert. However it really, really sounds like you have bed bugs. Here is why I say that...

1: I have bed bugs, it *****.

2: What have I learned = For a while my girlfriend, her sister, and two of her sisters friends were living with me. The bedbugs almost seemed to have gone after my girlfriend and her sister more than anyone else.  I'm betting that bedbugs MIGHT (again, I'm no expert) prefer one blood-type over another. Because they only bite me a little bit, hardly even bother me at all really.

3: As we were all living under the same roof, and she was sleeping in the same bed as me, it was an easy "experiment" to see that the bedbug bites do seem to appear differently on different people. And, like I said, where-as they do bite me, it's in a much smaller amount, and they don't really bother me.

4: I can't afford the expensive heatagation treatment to kill them. Next best thing, vacuum often, put mattress covers on your bed (the ones with a zipper) and keep a generic spray bottle around, fill it with rubbing alcohol (the 91% bottle if you can find it) this kills them. I usually give a light mist on my bed before I go to sleep, and will sometimes even spray my legs, wrists, waist and neck.

Well, like I said, I'm no expert, but I did grow up on a farm. I've had everything from chiggers, to ticks, fleas and head lice.  But from what your describing, it really sounds like bedbugs to me.
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