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Can high Blood sugar levels effect PT-INR

About 1 year ago I was told I have Pre-Diabetes. Since then I have been on a wieght loss program and have been losing and have not had my blood sugar levels check since that intial diagnosis. With in the last few months my PT-INR levels have been WAY out of control and we are unable to get it under control. I have also been noticing that I am having more symptoms of Type II Diabetes. I have not starting doing anything until now becuase I was thinking that weight loss, high fluid intake and output, tingling of the feet, and fatigue were just from my attempt to get healthy. Can high blood sugar levels effect a PR-INR. For reference my IRN has been ranging from 4.3 and above and 1.8 or lower. I have been adjusting my Coumadin and having my INR check every 10 days for 3 months now and now one can undersand way I can not get a stable INR. This is why I am asking my question.
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Hi Cleo!  We are not medical professionals, just volunteers with life experiences in type 1 diabetes.  Because I have no medical background, I have no idea what you are referring to when you refer to PT-INR, PR-INR or INR.  Could you please enlighten me and perhaps I can do some digging and help you or at least point you in the right direction.  Thanx!
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PT-INR (the PR-INR was a mistype on my part) is a blood clotting test a lab does to determine how long it would take for you blood to clot. I wam really wanting to talk to some who has both Diabetes and Factor V Lieden (a blood clotting disorder). I did realize that the respondants on this site are not health care providers, I was just hoping to find some one with my same problems or find where I might go to find them.
Thanks so much for your reply
Yes i have both type II Diabetes and Factor V Leiden. Email me at ***@**** reference med help in subject line
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Thanks for the explanation!  I apologize for not knowing what you were referring to.  I sure hope that there are some folks out there who can share their own personal experience(s) with you to help in some way.
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I'm another volunteer here & found this site with information on your Factor V Leiden (and a completely different condition called Factor V Leiden deficiency).  If you haven't seen this site before, I perhaps it will be helpful for you.

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I have a mechanical mitral valve since 1989., and DIABETES., just since november 2010 my INR is not stable. They bought a new  machine and reactive. Now I found another lab. You have to know the range of PT, INR AND PTT., then you see is the numbers match. Sometimes labs use not expensive reactive and this is a problem.
Since 1989 I have a notebook with all my labs, results, food etc....well you can contact me ***@****
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