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Omni Pod pumps

My 5 year old daughter is on the omni pod pumps.  I lost my job and we no longer have insurance.  We are trying to get new insurance, but it isn't going into effect until March 1st. She was denied by Medicaid due to us making too much money (funny it isn't enough to get us through this time...) I was wondering if anyone had any extra pumps that we could buy. We would really appreciate any advise, medical supplies, and/or information for organizations that would  be willing to help. She has been doing so well on the pumps that we are afraid to put her back on shots for the time being, however, we aren't totally against the thought. She really dislikes the 4 shots a day and that would also  mean teaching the nurse at school a whole new way of taking care of her while she is in her care. We are open to any suggestions and/or help. Thank you in advance!
Kyle and Amie Scott  
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I have inbox you
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i know that are local hospital endo department will sometimes help out, they get sample things that they will give out to people in need. also we've been in the same place my 4 year old has been diabetic since age 2, i understand, we didn't have insurance at time of diagnosis. So are local Children s hospital has a program called BCMH, bureau of children with medical handicaps this is insurance to help with meds, doctor appt etc. it is based on income elig. but guide lines are higher. Hope this helps good luck and hang in there.  
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If you are still looking for some pods, I have 2 1/2 boxes of them. If you are interested please email me ***@****.
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I have a 723 pump for sale.  I am not sure if it will work for you .  please email ***@****
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