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Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

Help! Does anyone have experience dealing with the burning pain? Thanks!
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Yes I found Lyrica works wonders, it is the most leading med for neruopathy.
i use the most dosage there is, but it has its days and breaks through sometimes.
Theres nothing you can do but move on, pretend it isn't there.  feel the numbness crawling up your legs or arems.

i love the little pinky, index, pick one finger or another.   when the side is like on fire and you look down and its not, but it feels like it anyway.  

can relate, can relate....  Hey your not alone out there OK.. 8)  ss
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Thanks for your words and I will check on the Lyrica.

The doctor is stumped her comment is "This is crazy". They have run all kinds of tests. The burning came on right after an opperation. Nothing before then. The Doctor has scheduled me for a Vascular Ultrasound to check the blood flow in my legs. She has also doubled my meds so I am now taking for the burning 800mg Metformin (4) times a day and (2) Percocet 512 every (4) hours for pain.  I am supposed to start pain management where someone can dial in the meds to stop the pain but I can't get them to call me back.

Thanks for your concern!
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