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I feel muscle pain in the back of my thighs while sitting...

... especially on the edge of the chair, sofa or any seat. It starts right after I take a sit and it feels worse than having sat for hours for a healthy person. I try to sit as little as possible, but it doesn't help. I have no pain while standing up or walking. Is it linked to my type 2 diabetes? Glycated hemoglobin 6,5 - 6,8%.
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It could be a bone spur. I have serious upper thigh pain, muscle I think, doctor pretended to diagnose it and said it was because of a bone spur. Offered no solution other than to have a hip replacement. Didn't show me pictures and got upset when I asked him too many questions. I'm still trying to find out what is causing the pain.
I know that if I lay flat on my bed I don't have pain. But it can be bad when I sit on certain chairs. On the other hand, when I move the leg to get out of bed, it really hurts. It's been that way for at least 2 years. I can't say if yours is linked to diabetes. Some statins give muscle pain, I don't take any.
Thank you but I don't think it's the same problem.  It seems that the pain is only in the muscles.  It's not the movement that causes it but only the applied pressure I feel very good  when I walk or stand. I have some sciatica issues but it doesn't seem related to it.
How if you sit on a recliner with legs extended, does it hurt then? Also, do you take any statin drugs? I can't imagine it's related to the diabetes, but then what do I know? I hope you get some relief.
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