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Normal blood sugar levels but still?

I don’t have a diabetes diagnosis but I couldn’t find a forum about blood sugar. My doctor has diabetes as a question mark on my papers and I wanted to ask people who would really know blood sugar.

I was just on the couch experiencing hunger, shaky hands and onset head ache, as I always do when I get hungry and can’t eat immediately. So about after 30 mins of feeling hunger. Before preparing food quickly I checked my blood sugar which was 4.2 which is great, that’s within range.

Why do I get low blood sugar symptoms then? Or can they happen within range as well?

My fasting blood sugar is 4.9, so that’s my morning sugar and I do not feel too hot in the morning. After I had eaten a small meal it landed at 5.2 which also looks great to me? Which makes me wonder why I get so insanely sleepy about 1 hour after I eat.

Any insights? It doesn’t seem like my symptoms are blood sugar related at all.
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I am not totally sure but will tell you that I have this happen sometimes.  For me, it is if I do something like drink coffee with sugar in it and eat nothing for a few hours.  I will all of a sudden get shaky, agitated, nauseated a bit, etc.  I eat something and am almost immediately better.  I attribute it to blood sugar.  Same I haven't had coffee and just don't eat.  My son will get nauseated in the morning.  We saw the doctor about it and it was determined it was his blood sugar dropping over night and nausea is a sign of low blood sugar.  You don't feel like eating but ultimately it will make you feel better.

So, I don't know if it is blood sugar issues you are having since you are testing and it falls into normal.  But since you can kind of predict what is happening, then prevent it.  We do this with my son by his eating something before bed and having something for him to quickly eat in the AM when he gets up.  He is no longer having the nausea issue or it is very brief. I know about my issue which I combat by a small bit of food whether hungry or not.  Works to not have the symptom. good luck
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Possibly you have reactive hypoglycemia.  This means although your fasting sugars are good, you may have an increased insulin response after means, which later makes you feel sleepy. Have you had your Hba1C tested?  This is average 3 months blood sugars.

You may find that eating less carbs makes your energy after eating better / helps prevent that post eating slump.  Instead eat protein, healthy fats, and some lower carb vegetables / salad, etc.
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Thank you for your answers. I feel absolutely awful in the morning but yeah my blood sugar doesn’t reflect that. Which is weird.. I do absolutely try to prevent it but life happens and as an adult I need to be able to go an hour hungry without ending up with a head ache for the rest of the day :( that day I described here I ended up in a phone conference that wasn’t planned so my lunch got pushed 45 mins.

I have had my HbA1c tested and it landed at 27mmol, I ran it through a converter which showed 4.6% so hat sounds like the scale I’m used to so 4.6
That’s within range.. I personally prefer my blood work to have more of a margin but my doctor just checked the OK box and all I can do is trust him.
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I forgot to say I don’t eat much carbs at all. I eat mostly a protein and veggies. Not because I’m all about health but because I feel better. Carbs make me feel very heavy and my stomach gets tired.
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Hi Nyme18,
Sounds like low carb and possibly small snacks if you're going a long time between meals may be the best way to keep yourself feeling as well as possible.  This approach will keep your blood sugar levels as stable as possible.
It's tough having vague, non-diagnosable issues that affect quality of life, but no clear answers found.
Wish you well.
Thank you tons, that’s gonna be my plan for now. The mystery of what’s up with me continues. Really appreciate the time and kind words!
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