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Periphieal Neuropathy and Treatments

I was diagnosed as a TypeII diabetic 2 yrs. ago. I take Metformin. but prior to being diagnosed, I had numbness/tingling/burning/and pain in both feet. My PC doc told me that I had neuropathy and never had me do anything ecept I had an EMG done to rule out any blockages, which I do not have any blockages, but did show I indeed had periphieal neuropathy. Without know where to turn to next, I let my symptoms go until recently. I have tried Lyrica and Cymbalta for the neuropathy, but the side effects from using these meds. make me too droggy to function thruout my daily routine. The I found a diabetic foot specialist and she had me get an EMG done and also had ABI's and toe pressures done. The EMG showed that I has a slightly higher level of neuropathy, but nothing too bad, so my foot doc is not too concerned about that, and the other tests turned out ok as well. She suggested that I try Anodyne Therapy treatments and to find an Anodyne Therapy Unit to use at home. What is your thoughts on using this type of treatments? And will it help to relieve the neuropathy issues I deal with? Also what are your thoughts on using "natural" remedies and what do you suggest using? I take a B-Complex vitamin and just started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid (600mg daily). Is there other things like this that would help?
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I am afraid I have not run across alot of good scientific data on "natural remedies" (like supplements, herbals etc) for diabetic neuropathy. Much of what is out there is heresay or based on small groups of patients, so I do not know how well it will generalize to the public. Overall, the best treatment for diabetic neuropathy is to get your glucoses under good control. This likely will not reverse it, but it often will atleast stop it from becoming worse.
There are some studies published in reputable medical journal regarding Anodyne therapy, so if your doctor is also board certified and well versed in this specialty, I would suggest following their recommendations. If you have concerns you should seek a second  opinion with someone who can examine your feet and review your EMG results.

Lyrica, Cymbalta and Neurontin are popular choices for neuropathy, but they can cause some drowsiness. You can also speek with a Neurologist about other choices that are not typically used but can help.

Some of my patients have had good success with Capsaicin cream on their feet. I have not had many people say they noted much of a difference on Alpha Lipoic acid.

Good luck and take care.
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Thank you very much for your comments and input to my neuropathy issues. Being that I have been dealing with this problem now for 2 yrs. I was hoping to find other ways to give me relief from this, but as you, and countless others have stated, neuropathy is not a curable condition, but it can be eased with meds. or a combination of meds.
I'm waiting to receive my Anodyne unit so I can get started on using that to see if it will help. So far, I am batting a big fat zero with what my Dr. has suggested I try. I think I am that percentage of people whom cannot find anything to help relieve the neuropathy.

Thank you and I've got my fingers crossed to finding something for the relief I am seeking.
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Hi Dr,
How can my PCP determine if I have sciatica or diabetic neuropathy??  I'm a type II guy -60 years old (disgnosed 3 years ago).  She prescribed Nortriptelene but I have had NO relief from the pain in my right leg (which is killing me, btw).  What's next??   someone told me ice pack on lower back is good plus physical therapy ??

How do you differentiate between sciatica and DN ??
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