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cortisol elevation on UFC but dex OK

Hi, I am a 38 year old female who had a serum cortisol that was elevated.  The endo. ordered a 24 hour urine which was slightly elevated , the upper limit was 50 and mine was 53.6.  The endo. then followed with an overnight dexamethasone suppression test and I suppressed.  My pit. MRI only showed prominence with a superior convex border but no signs of tumor or lesion.  This was done on a 1.5T with and without contrast.  I also had an MRI of the abdomen, for an unrelated issue, and the adrenals were fine.  The Endo. did a 24 hour urine 5-HIAA also which was fine.

Should this be followed up on?  I am concerned regarding the cortisol elevation.  Oh I am 4'11" and weigh 125....so maybe a little overweight but ot much.  I am having some mentrual irregularities and some facial hair growth.  All bloodwork for PCOS was neg.

I am thinking of getting a second opinion.
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Dear Friends,

I have very much enjoyed my time on Medhelp and have learned from you even while hosting our Ask-A-Doctor forum for Diabetes. Sadly I am leaving the Medhelp community as my own practice has become busier and time constraints have proved quite challenging. So from April 7th 2008 I will be officially away from Medhelp, but you can still find me at our practice website www.endocrinehelp.com, so please drop me a  line if you wish. Most likely a new physician will be hosting the Diabetes forum for Medhelp in the future, so please continue to check in with the Medhelp community.
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A second opinion is always reasonable.

The overnight dexamethasone suppression test is reassuring to decrease the possibility of cortisol-producing adrenal tumors, a pituitary tumor that produces ACTH, or a tumor in the body that inappropriately produces ACTH. A high-dose overnight test can additionally help distinguish a pituitary cause (Cushing's Disease) from the others.

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