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Hey everyone. I am an 18 year old female. I have been dizzy kinda like lightheaded off balance feeling for 4 months. It was 24/7 and I was freaking out all that time thinking I had a brain tumor or something. I got my mri results yesterday which turned out that nothing is wrong with my brain. I had blood tests for hormonal imbalances which came back normal. My b12 and other vitamins except vitamin d were all normal. i have even been tested for leukemia which wasnt the case thank god. I had my prolactin hormone a little high. apparently its 31 when its supposed to be 20. the doctor said i have to go back in 3 months and get blood drawn again and see the pattern and get medicine if i have to(if it goes any higher) i had an eng test for my ears and thats normal also. however im still dizzy. i am thinking it may be due to my vitamin d deficiency and im taking supplements right now. i hope it will go away/ but does anyone know what else might be the cause which doctors should i see from now on? could it be anxiety also thank you guys so much already for your answers! please help me
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