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12 year old Golden with Anal Gland Tumor

Just found out that our 12 year old female Golden Retriever has a tumor in her left anal gland. It has been caught early. It is only a pea sixed tumor. The ultrasound and x-rays are clear, with no sign that is has spread.
I am so torn and don't know what to do. Should I get the surgery for her to have the anal gland removed. I have been told it is quite painful for them and that she could become incontinent or should I just let her live out her life without having the surgery as she is 12? She is still happy, likes her walks, eating and drinking normally. Still likes to play although she sleeps more now since she is 12 years old. Is it worth it to put her through surgery and the pain? Am I being selfish by having her undergo this sureger
Or just let her live out her life until she does not have a good quality of life?
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I'm sorry to hear your girl is going through this rough time,I      
went online and found this information,perhaps it will give
you information so you can better deside what to do.
Just copy and paste it..hope it helps...  Jan
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Was an aspiration done and sent out for pathology?  Did the Vet say this is an adenoma or carcinoma?
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