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Anyone That Has Lost Their Best Friend Recently ...

For many, there is no greater experience of grief than when our best friend and loyal companion passes away. Even when there has been a slow progression of a chronic illness - or the expected passing of an elderly pet - the feeling of loss can be overwhelming. I wrote this piece from the heart and I hope those suffering grief may find it comforting: http://www.infobarrel.com/When_a_Pet_Dog_Dies
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I will look this up.  We lost our beloved pooch not long ago to a freak, tragic accident.  She was three and the best, most beautiful dog ever.  My heart is still broken and I suspect it will always have a hurt spot for my pup.  Miss her every day.  
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Hi. I am so sorry for your loss. She went far too young, but things happen that we cannot do anything about. The 3 years she was with you are 3 years worth of memories to cherish. You are in my thoughts. Tony x
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"In the end, there is someone who can tell you when the time has arrived – and that is your own dog. Some people say dogs can’t talk but I believe they can, and particularly when they are trying to communicate with their own best friend … which of course, is you."

This is sooooo true! People told me she'd let me know and I thought yeah, right; but I looked into Maddie's eyes on Sunday night, and noticed her life light dimming, and heard her soul say to me "it's time." Now I know not everyone will have this communication with their pet, but we had a connection that went back to the beginning, when out of 12 puppies bouncing all over the place, I could clearly hear her calling to me "lady! oh lady!" She was the last one I picked up, and the one who stole my heart as she put her tiny paws on my chest, licked my chin, and then curled up in my lap and rested her head on my leg.

Most puppies are all over the place in a car till they become used to it, but she just curled up in the seat next to me on the way home like she had been riding in a car her entire 12 weeks of life!

That was an excellent article, Tony... Thank you for sharing,

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Hi. You are very welcome. I hope you find your own peace in good time. I always say to special people like yourself ... please remember this ... without you, Maddie would not have had the wonderful life she had, the adventures you shared and the love, devotion and companionship you brought to each other. Maddie is safe and sound, all curled up in the warmest and happiest place there could be ... her mom's heart. Cyber hugs. Tony x
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I am waiting to see if my 13+ dog is telling me. Maybe I am to close to the situation. My story is posted under "Is it time to say goodbye". I still see vestiges of life in her - she is happy to see us for one. She cannot walk and so I am more and more spending her waking times tryint to meet her needs constantly. Is she thirsty? does she need to go out? is she hungary.. is she in pain or is it dementia? After this I do not plan to have any more dogs. I still have two senior cats on special food for kidney disease and one on thyroid lowering medication. I need a break.. getting older myself! I am very tied down now and spend must of the day on computer, watching tv and not going anywhere,  and I know I need to take care of myself and my husband, but we do love her so much and she gave us the best of her life.
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Hello. I read your story - and my heart sank a little while absorbing the details. This must be heart-wrenching and exhausting for you. I think you have two choices - either you opt for investigation and potentially surgery - or you do the kindest thing by ending the misery for her. I don't think this is the life of a dog ... being confined by her own circumstances, unable to get up to even go around the room let alone outside to the toilet, not eating well and clearly in bouts of pain.

I think it's a hard but necessary choice you have to make. As it is, you seem to be opting for a third option, which is to help her survive, but not in a good way. Obviously, opting for investigation and possibly surgery is not a route you want to go down from what you have said, and I totally understand why. But that leaves you really with the hardest choice of all - and I think you are just putting that off, because it's too painful to contemplate.

Clearly this is now affecting your own health and well-being. I think it's time to truly think about the options, and sit down with your husband and devise a plan of action. The situation should not be allowed to continue as is, because it is not a good one for your beloved best friend or yourself. You are in my thoughts. Tony x
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