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Death of my dog after a rabies vaccine. Any connection???

I had two dogs. One is a 6 year old Schnoodle and the other was a 4 year old husky mix. I took the Husky in for first time ever for a rabies vaccine along with a booster. Immediately he started drooling by the time we left the vet and got to the car. The next 2 days he moped around and laid in his crate. By day 3 he looked like he was having problems walking. By day 5 he was partially paralyzed in his hind legs. By that time, we were in the emergency animal hospital with a dog in pain and barely able to move. He was given pain meds, steroids and muscle relaxers. Over day 6 and 7 he seemed to be improving but woke up on day 8 to find that he was paralyzed in the back portion of his body and in such severe pain he could not lay down. He was exhausted and trying his best to rest and close his eyes sitting up. I immediately rushed him to the vet and she kept him throughout the day to see if she could get him to improve. He didn't and we had to let them send him to heaven while I cradled his head and crying uncontrollably. Has anyone else had their dog experience a similar reaction after receiving the rabies vaccine? I am beside myself and unable to move on. In addition, our schnoodle did not witness how severe our husky mix got and has been laying around the house very depressed. He is normally a non-stop barker and he hasn't barked since a couple of days before our other dog passed away.
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I am so sorry to read this.  Personally, I have only heard of 3 reactions to Rabies vaccines.  One got very ill but recovered.  Two died but from Anaphylactic shock.  Unfortunately, any animal can react to any vaccine just like humans.  I don't have time right now, but you might do a search and read up on Rabies vaccination reactions.  I am so sorry.
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I have never known a dog to die that long after receiving a rabies vaccine and have the death be caused by the vaccine.

Rabies vaccines are killed vaccines, meaning the virus that is being injected is not viable and therefore not able to cause disease.  An anaphylactic reaction usually happens almost immediately after being injected, and if not almost immediately, certainly within 24 hours.  

Unfortunately, the only way to tell for sure what the cause of death was would be a necropsy.  Short of that only your vet's best educated guess based on the symptoms he observed will be possible.  

Your other dog is showing normal signs of grieving for his friend.  It has been proven that animals do understand death in their own way, and it is becoming more and more of a practice (when possible) to allow the other animals in the household to see and smell the body of the deceased pet before cremating or burying it.  This helps them to understand why the deceased pet is no longer there and they are better able to get on with their lives.  Until your surviving pet begins to act more like his old self pay some special attention to him.  Go for more walks, brush him frequently and give a few more treats than normal until you see his old personality return.

I am very sorry for your loss.

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My baby died last week after getting her rabies shots. She was 18 months old and weighed 5lbs. The Vet said there was no way the shots killed her but she was totally healthy until she got her shots.  I noticed a change immediately, I took her back to the vet in 4 days, she died in my arms the 7 day.  My baby was for my depression and worked better than any meds on the market. She was a Fawn Chihuahua,
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may be a reaction due to vaccination, your dog was allergic to this preparation
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