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Got puppy poop all over my hand

I worry about really dumb things.

We have a new puppy. We got her 3 weeks ago. She had been tested (negative) for parasites/ worms at intake at the animal shelter,  but was wormed anyhow.  When we took her in for her booster shots, she was wormed again.  At the next visit, wormed again. She's parasite free and had all her shots, been spayed and is now about 14 weeks old.

Hubby was home with her when I went to church last night and didn't walk her.  Today I was moving a baby gate and got a handful of dried and mushy poop from where she'd pooped behind the gate he'd then pushed aside.  I cleaned it up with an old rag and antibacterial soap, washed my hands numerous times, cleaned under my nails twice and used an aersol surgical scrub I had from a surgery and it will kill MRSA in 5 seconds.  

STILL worried about this!  No cuts or open spots on my hand and I'm positive the puppy is healthy after all her doc visits and shots
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Among the things I'm not is a doctor for humans or animals, but I think you took sufficient precautions to assure you'll not "catch" anything,  I know when I give our little Westie a bath on place I wash with my hands, and dog shampoo, is the rectum area, and other "private" areas.  Our dog has skin allergies that cause Yeast problems, the shampoo has to go everywhere and has to be rinsed well  I could wear gloves but don't.

I have never gotten anything I can detect from such touching.  

It is interesting to note, I think, that most human/dog disease are not shared, but suppose bacteria can be shared.
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If I had a dollar for all the dog poop I have on my hands over the years, I'd be sending this from Hawaii.  :-)

Granted, diseases can be contracted from animals but sounds like your pup is getting good care.  You did the right thing to clean your hands thoroughly.  Use the anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizer or just wash well with soap and water.  If puppy seems healthy, I would not worry.
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