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My dog randomly got sick and died , why?

I have a poodle-mix who was nearrly 10 years old. My family went on vacation, and she was with a family friend who also had another dog. We were gone for about a week before we came back. She already was old, and struggled to do things, but would run when she was walked, and ran to the kitchen to get food.

She was limping and when we payed attention, her right hind leg; something was wrong with it. She wouldn't eat. And for several days she would not eat. She had been throwing up bile, which I knew was because she hadn't been eating, and would not do so for anything. At the end of the week, she had began to vomit a brownish-red subtance, and just layed down the entire day. I also her legs extended, as if someone had all four of her legs and were pulling them. We were inexperienced pet owners, but we finally called the vet, and she was supposed to go in the next day. But she persisted to cry, so we called another vet, and was ready to take her in late at night. But 5 minutes later, she was dead... Why did she die? What was wrong with her? She was fine before we went on vacation.
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Hi Anonymous87542,

Almost had the same thing, the only difference is we're able to have our dog checked and got diagnosed with cancer and after a week she died, he's so healthy and doesn't make sense he had cancer, we gave him vitamins and healthy foods but still, so we make sure that her puppy won't experience the same thing so we changed the food and vitamins consistent monthly check-ups but same as her mother he also had cancer and died, that was 3 years ago, we decided to adopt a new pet dog and doing some research on how to improve our dogs health as we don't want the same thing to happen on him, I've read some article about c02 treatment on how it can help boost not only humans health but also animals by improving blood circulation, checked all feedback about that product and everything are positive, I want to try the product but before I do so, I want to know if there's anyone here tried c02 treatment? and can you provide any feedback?

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I am so sorry for your loss. Vomiting a brownish substance is usually kidney related.
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