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PHYCOX Joint supplement miracle

My yorkie is 15 and is at this moment, bouncing around like an infant. She has had issues with her knees since birth, and yet I didn't know it until she was about 6. At age 9 or so, we discovered Phycox.. in the last 1.5 year she doesn't jump up, and shows hesitation to jump down from a couch  but can.....

and I believe the way she moves, prancing,  is due to keeping the weight down..good diet ( grain free, cleaned up some oral problems too) and PHYCOX  we are all so happy we found it. I can't recommendn it highly enough.  also, I give it to her each night, she freely eats it, thinks it is a cookie, plus I sneak in a med inside the chewy tablet  If they had something like this , so palatable for humans, I'd be on it too.  

Phycox Joint Supplement Small Bites 120 Soft Chews is what i buy from AMAZON and i give my 9 pound yorkie 1/2 each day.
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This is the Joint Supplement my Holistic Vet recommends!!! We Love it, too......Glad to hear your report.....Karla
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