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What is everyone feeding their dogs?

Please do not feed your dog Hills products, Blue Buffalo, etc. Any of these "healthy" and special diet brands that vets push. Info:





We are unknowingly poisoning our babies!! :'(

Do research to find safe brands! They are NOT carried by big box stores like Petco, etc. I started giving him brands like Fromm, Acana, the vomiting stopped. I started him on a regimen of CBD oil (doggie cannabis - the brand is called Pet Releaf) and despite his failing eyesight and hearing, he went from laying around lethargic and seemingly end of life at almost 14 to running around throwing toys and chasing the neighbors' dogs around the yard!

BIG NAME BRAND DOG FOODS ARE KILLING OUR DOGS. Please believe me and research this! Thank you!
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Well, I've had three dogs as an adult.  The first lived for 18 years (a small breed) and was fed kibbles and bits.  Healthy.  The second was fed an expensive brand I got mail order.  She died at three but was healthy.  Freak accidental death.  My current dog gets a combination of kibbles and bits and canned food, Merrick brand.  I also do cook lean chicken or boiled ground beef for her and she loves any left over vegi's we have (cooked carrots, green beans, broccoli, asparagus ----  she's better about eating vegetables than my kids).  

So, it works for me to save on the dry kibble and have had healthy dogs with it.  
That's great that you mix lean real meat and safe veggies into their diet. How long ago did the 18 year old dog pass? My understanding is that the huge influx of dogs dying suddenly, young, and / or from unknown causes has mostly been prevalent in the last decade or so.  I had dogs in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s who ate regular generic dog food and lived long healthy lives. My current dog has had endless health issues related to diet and food for about the past 6 or 7 years. I thought maybe it was just him, but I'm reading endless posts on here with people describing exactly the same issues that he has. Elevated liver enzymes, vomiting. Vets do liver biopsies and all sorts of tests, but all inconclusive. I'm just trying to find a common denominator here.
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This beloved old lady died just a couple of yeas ago.  :>((((  My dogs have really, in all honesty, been quite healthy.  Despite what I feed them.  

That is really too bad about your dog!  How old is he/she?  Our neighbors dog died suddenly and mysteriously and they paid the expense to do testing for why.  They found that the dog had been exposed to a toxin that they traced to their back yard.  They have a wooded lot.  Have you looked into that?  Ingestion of plants or other animal excrement or some type of substance that your dog has gotten into?  One of our dogs . . . sigh, . . .  got in my purse where I had some chewable acetaminophen for my son who was sick and at the pack.  Ugh.  We took her to emergency when I discovered this and they induced vomiting but we had to do testing on her liver for a period of time.  Anyway, just looking for what else it can be.  

By all means, if you are more comfortable, purchase food for your dog that you feel is safe.  I've just never had any problems myself.  :>)  

Hope you get to the bottom of what is affecting your dog!
No, he has never gotten into anything. He's finnicky and never chews on or tries to eat inappropriate things. He's never unattended outside either. He's 14 and he has been affected by this for years. It's a chronic problem. Lots of other people have discussed the same problems with their dogs on this forum.

I have read recent articles about the chemical used in euthanasia being found in dog food. Major brands have been caught grinding up euthanized pets into the food. There are no laws regulating this. Pet cancer rates have sky rocketed since the 1980s, going from something like 1 in 6 or 8 to like 1 in 1.65 dogs. I'm happy that you have not experienced it personally, but that does not mean that it is not a very real issue. Most people do not or cannot take the time to mix real meats etc into their pet's food unfortunately, and they exist off of kibble alone which is no longer a safe, healthy diet. The substance used to bind the kibble alone is not something that is healthy for dogs to ingest. I just wish there were better alternatives. We give him wet food, but if he's not in the mood to eat it at that time, it dries out and goes bad pretty quickly. It's frustrating. He even turns his nose up at cooked meat some days. He had had a long and happy life, and seems happy and comfortable overall, so the vet said to keep him on Ursidiol and Denamarin for whatever time he has left.
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