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can i give my dog Flucloxacillin

6 months ago my standard yorkshire terrier was diagnosed by the vet to have Bronchitis (Pneumonia) and pancreatitis
for this the vet prescribed 10mg Veraflox daily for 3 months, 2 50mg vivitonin, and 2 prednisolone steroid  daily for the rest of his life. He also has the royal caine gastrointestinal dry dog food. I buy the vivitonin, the prednisolone and the food from regularly from the vets, unfortunatly my dogs symptons have started to return As I have now spent the verylast of mysaving onvet fees for my Benji dog my already overstretched  budget just dosent allow for the very expensive veraflox, and so my question is...  Would it  be safe to give my dog Flucloxacillin the human antibiotic and if so what would the dosage be I have some 0.00 scales to weigh it out on
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I am very sorry, but we cannot advise you to do something like that.  You would have to speak with the veterinarian who prescribed the veraflox for Benji and ask him or her if flucloxacillin is acceptable for him.  A lot depends on the milligram strength and whether or not it is safe to break the pills and whether or not the pet version of the pill has something else in it since it is not formulated for humans.

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