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dog acting super strange

I have a dog . Plummer terrier approximately 14yo .. she is a naturally anxious dog ( she was a rescue in 2009)  over the past month she's been panting excessively mainly in the morning but also at other non specific times. She pants runs up on the sofa , and down repeatedly .. and has urinated on my sofa a couple of times.
I have been to the vets and she has a big heart murmur so sedation is not an option .. they are trying a low dose of antidepressants to see if it settles her mood if not they will try something for dementia ..
The other problem she has is she could be lying on my bed then fly off it like she'd heard a noise .. I wonder if this could potentially be something internally that she feels that makes her do this?? It's such a shame if only they could talk ..
Ps she does suffer with her anal glands and did have them emptied this week and I have been adding a little all bran to her food as this is supposed to help ..

Has anyone else had experience of a skittery dog .. any help greatly appreciated
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