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Afraid of growing so she stoped eating?

My youngest sister ( 14 now) always hated food she was very difficult growing up Very picky and dont eat alot ,
then she started eating normally when she turned 12 untill one day she bought a dress and tried it on and her belly was visible and my mom make a quick comment that the dress didnt fit her body shape or something.

she then started eating less and less but we didn't notice too much beacuse she was diagnosed with ocd , but now a year later she get rid of her compulsive thinking and started being very anorexic.

she don't eat at all, she wont eat meat, vegetables or fruits and milk and sugar. And only ate breakfast and one snack a day.

The thing that is so different about my sister that she dont want to grow up ( get taller, grow boobs, and grow up in general). There for anyting that she think will get her to "grow up" like milk or meat she will never eat. She also want to get thiner.
I'm afraid that something bad will happen to my sister with a diet that only contains egg, potato and bread ( in a very tiny portions ). We dont have good mental health doctors where i live and anorexia is not papular here so we don't have an facilities.

And most important question i need an answer for is there is any eating disorder that associated with the fear of growing up?
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Eating disorders can stem from a multitude of reasons. It's likely her disordered eating behavior is driven by her desire to stay childlike.  Any and every eating disorder has a handful of sufferers with the same story. She's definitely restricting and you need to get her help.
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