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Problems with eating?

Hello, I'm a 18 year old girl, about 135lbs and 5'4". I'm not sure if I have a problem, because i'm still at a normal weight. I haven't been eating regularly for the past year and a half now, and it's starting to get worse now that i'm in college. I'm either not eating anything or throwing up what I do. I'm still at a normal weight, and i've only lost around 40lbs since starting these habits.. Its like it hurts me mentally to know that i'm even a failure at having an eating problem, because if i did have a problem it wouldn't be diagnosed because i'm not meeting the weight requirements..
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Hi.  Eating disorders are not about weight or food.  They are about emotions, relational dynamics, anxiety, depression, stress management, coping with life’s issues, etc.  Your restrictive eating and purging behaviors are symptoms you use to manage you're the issues of your life.  Weight requirements are used in diagnosing anorexia, but not bulimia, binge eating disorder or other eating disorders.  You may want to visit the bella vita website and take our free online eating disorder survey.  And while you are there read about bulimia and eating disorder NOS.  Wishing you a wonderful 2013!  Dr Patricia Pitts, PhD  The Bella Vita  Los Angeles, CA
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If you can stop do.  My mother has been bulimic since she was 15 she is now in her 60's.  She has been battling to stop for most of her life.  The chemical imbalances she has had to suffer with have been incredible.  Being thin is not worth losing everything you adore about yourself.  Go find peace within through some spiritual means whether it is a higher power or Christ.  I have my own personal beliefs which I would gladly share, but I would never push them onto another.  Please stop hurting yourself and love the good in you.
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