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Hi everyone, my story is quite simple, I worked a really stressful job, ate the worst food and thought badly about myself. To me this is enough to get my body into all sorts of distress therefore the disease itself. I have type IV Endo, but have been feeling a bit better everyday after doing a variety of things below everyday. I've done heaps of research and had great support from loved ones. I changed my diet, my attitude towards myself and created a new healthier lifestyle.

I have started to do Qi gong which i strongly recommended. Qi gong is all about tapping into universal energy to heal your body using intention, mind control and energy. Can be hard at first but takes practice, with practice your Qi gets stronger, it's working for me so it might work for you. I have included an intro to it below.

We all need to be super positive, when we get stressed the body releases a toxin called cortisol, super bad, look into it if you want to know more. I strongly recommend meditation, tai chi, Qi gong, exercise, healthy eating, relaxing and all round happiness even though it can be hard. This will help your body to get back to normal.
IF THINGS GET HARD CRY! crying is so good. release unwanted energy through your tears, let it all go.

My recovery has been great! i feel much better.



There is no real proven reason why we get endo and there is no real cure yet so the best doctor is YOU! look deep, think hard, know yourself, use common sense.

Doctors: You need to get a really good one! Find one that respects you! Get a new one if they aren't connecting with you, sometimes a good doctor is all it takes. ****** doctors are the WORST! so steer away from them. Some doctors are paid to sell medication, only some! so be careful, use your intuition and research everything you take! sometimes they are giving you something you may not need or may make you worse.


Search endometriosis diet on pintrest, you will find the yummiest food there, there's soooo much food we can eat even though it feels like we can't eat anything at all that's western.

I'm signing off with a bit on Qi Gong below, I hope I help some of you, I really wanted to hear some positive feedback and treatments when I was really sick and barely found anything. I wish you all the best and hope health and happiness to you all. Remember that you are an amazing being xxxxxxx


There are seven core principles for cultivating the powerful, innate healing energy known as Qi in the body. These practices will unlock your ability to harness this sacred force and direct it around the body at will for various healing and rejuvenation purposes. It can also be transferred to others if they are open and receptive to this type of healing.
Ancient Taoist masters spent entire lifetimes developing the science of Qi cultivation and mastering its use in the human form and this knowledge has been carefully preserved through thousands of years of transmission from master to disciple. In this day and age, this knowledge is shared rather freely and openly although it can still be difficult to find accurate, complete sources of information. The basics presented here by Dr. Greg Yuen offer a complete, fundamental picture of the practices and methods for becoming aware of and cultivating Qi in the body. Often times this core understanding is enough to allow seekers to begin using and experiencing the force in their lives immediately. Please note that the terms Qi, Chi and Ki are used throughout this introduction and article interchangeably, they all refer to the same concept/force, Truth.

Seven Elements of Chi Cultivation

1. Belief — Believe in the Chi
2. Paying attention — Focus Your Mind on Your Body
3. Feeling/Relaxation — Feel Your Body and Relax the Tension
4. Grounding/Skying — Settle into the Ground and Connect to the Sky
5. Breathing — Abdominal Breathing
6. Visualization/Re-creation — Visualize or Re-create the Experience of Chi
7. Efficient Movement — Move from Your Legs, then Waist, then Arms

(The following lecture was given to a visiting group of pharmacists from Japan
11-08-00, ki is Japanese for chi)

The cultivation of ki requires mind power. The first element of ki cultivation is “belief”. You must believe that you have ki. The Chinese believe that ki is everywhere and that all you have to do is tune into it. Ki is running throughout your body and all you have to do is to direct its flow. It is important to experience ki by having ki therapy done to you, by giving ki treatments, and by talking to those who are more experienced in ki and learn what they have experienced. I have heard many fantastic stories about what ki can do. For example, ki has been used to light up lightbulbs held in one’s hands. Ki has been used to make people move from a distance. You must cultivate your belief of ki and then your power with ki will grow.
How many of you believe in the ki? What are some of your experiences with the power of ki? To experience the ki, rub your palms together and make sure you rub the centers of your palms against each other. You should feel a strong heat. Now hold your hands apart, as if cupping a small ball. You will continue to feel an after glow of heat. This is the ki.
The second element of ki cultivation is “attention”. You must be able to pay attention to your body to feel and produce ki. Paying attention is the essence of what meditation is about. It is learning to sharply focus your mind. You can produce very powerful ki if you can focus your entire mind on any given moment. The more you can totally focus your mind, the more you will produce ki. If you have distractions to your mind, then simply bring it back to focus on your ki.
The mind is like taking care of a baby. If you place the baby in the center of the room, he will crawl to the periphery. You simply bring him back to the center. So you do the same with your mind; you simply bring it back to your focus on the ki.
Let’s do an exercise to see how we do with focusing our mind. Sit comfortably and take some deep breaths. Close your eyes, not fully, but just so that you can see some light. Now I will ask you to put your attention on different parts of your body. (I will direct your attention to different body parts … right finger, left ear, right large toe, left thigh, etc.)
How difficult was this exercise? For most, this is not so difficult, but how often do we really focus good attention to our bodies? What you want to watch for is how you do not focus your full attention even though most of your mind does focus. If you can get your entire mind focused, you will develop more power with your ki.

Tarita x
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Thank you for sharing what has worked for you. Everyone responds to different things. :)
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