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Help getting Laparoscopy need friends to ask questions. I am scared

Hello every one would like to chat with anyone that has or having to go through, what I am going to next week laparoscopy removal of ovary.  I went to my  gynecology / oncology yesterday April 30th for my consultation and he wants to do laparoscopy and take out my right ovary because the complete and Endo on it and a good DNC to rule out endometrium cancer. I am  in so much pain around 1 to 10 its a 9...
my surgery date is next week Wednesday 8th at 11:00 am. Thank god this Dr is taking me serious...He could not believe that n Dr has done a laparoscopy to figure out what is going on with me.....
I had to move my colonoscopy to a later date in June24th... I am glad that they are being proactive on my stomach and bowls too.... very confident in my Drs for once, its such a load off my back to finally feel there is hope now. I got my results back from Pap test it negative :)  

.I don't recover very quickly.  just would be nice to talk to someone that has alot of so I wen to the gynecology  oncology yesterday April 30th for my consultation and he wants to do laparoscopy and take out my right ovary because the complete and Endo on it and a good DNC to rule out endometribeen in so much pain around 1 to 10 its a 9... dealing with this all i this stuff... I am very scard and want to talk to someone that can relate what I am going through...... Wish me luck
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I have. I stayed overnight because of the resection done on the bladder and bowels. I could not pee after surgery and the pain was so intense.
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Thanks Casper12,
Did you stay in the hospital over night? The administration at my hospital sais I I'm approved to stay the over night.. but I have to ask my gyn dr if I could.  I have a 4 year old and a step daughter that's 11 and they are a hand full.  She said it wouldn't be a bad idea because I can relax and have better recovery..

Has any. One out there have stayed  over night in the hospital for the procedure that I'm getting?????
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I just saw your message. I had keyhole yesterday the 1st of may to remove a cyst on my right ovary. I also had uterus ablation.

I went down at 8.30am and was back in my room at 10.30 am. The gas can be painful they fill you with so movement and little steps will help, as does peppiment tea it's not glamourous you break wind but it gets it out. My stomach is swollen 24 hrs later but has gone down. I was very thirsty drink loads of liquid after as will help you with taking a pee.

I had endo confirmed but its by my bowel and my gyny wants to not touch it if I'm ok with it, as surgery would be complicated.

I wish you loads of luck and let me know how you get on.


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Ticked ,  I understand that you are not a Dr.  Just wanted to talk to a real person that has been through hell ....It would defiantly help me with my anxiety and getting to the day of surgery.

I privately emailed you a message regarding my number to be reached tomorrow around 3:45 pacific time ....I am looking forward to speaking with you...I have never spoke with some one going through hell like me and understanding Endometriosis and everything  that comes along such as removal of ovary.
Thank you so much :)
Talk to you tomorrow Ticked
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Just got your message. I am really glad this doctors is helping you and that you have an appointment so soon.

I will call you tomorrow just let me know what time is best for you so I can help answer any questions you might have.

Remember I am not a doctor just someone who has been through hell and back with this disease and I want to help.
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