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Misdiagnosis of adenomyosis and ovarian cyst?

I would like to know if anyone was misdiagnosed with "may have" adenomyosis and/or does have an ovarian cyst from an ultrasound reading?  This is coming up only because I have severe anemia and the doc is trying to find out what is causing it.  I had no complaints otherwise, so this is a surprise diagnosis.  After living with this news for a few days, I'm not so sure that I believe it.  While I have some of the symptoms, I certainly don't have the extreme pain, spotting between periods, or irregular periods.    My periods have been pretty consistent:  1st day spotting, 2nd day EXTREMELY heavy but no cramps, I'm talking the largest most absorbent pad fully soaked in 30 minutes to an hour (no cramps though) until about lunchtime, then NOTHING until the next day about lunch time, which then usually started with a LARGE cramp that very much feels like an after-labor pain you get when breastfeeding your newborn a few hours after delivery.  It came out with a huge gush and lots of large clots.  Then by the evening, it was a normal period until about day 5 or 6 when it slowed and stopped.    Everything is usually dark red to brown until after the clots, then it becomes bright red for a day or so.  Now my last period was completely different.  It started the day after my US (both abdominal and trans) at day 26, and was bright red for 5 days, no clots, not really ceasing for a day as usual, either.  It was a shorter period, lighter period, and bright red the entire time.

I didn't have any symptoms that caused me to even complain about it or rush to see a doctor.  I mentioned the heavy menstruation while at a checkup and was told basically it is because I'm getting old, along with weight gain and back pain, which I have had for years.  I get a little nausea for no evident reason every once in a while, but again, no severe cramps, no severe bloating.  I do have what I think is a bloated abdomen, but it stays that way, it doesn't go up and down...and the doc said I need to lost the weight.  A side note, I always had very light periods while on the pill.  About 8 years ago my previous doc took me off the pill due to high blood pressure, that's when I started getting normal periods.  It's only been the last 3-4 years that they started getting heavy, but they are consistent.  Could this be a misdiagnosis?  I'm 47 and have 3 children all born naturally at full term, no problems during pregnancy.  I will say that my longest labor was 1.5 hours, with 3 sets of serious pushing contractions.  The second child was 1 big push when water broke, and 3rd child same, except he had 2 sacks, so when the second sack was discovered and ruptured.  All 3 with pitocin because I never had natural contractions.  My oldest is 25 and my youngest is 17.  
So my female life has been rather uneventful and I am wondering if the radiologist could be mistaken?  If so, what could he/she be seeing that leads them to that diagnosis?  How can it be determined if that is indeed causing the anemia or not without surgery?
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More info from US- The uterus is normal in shape however, is mildly enlarged (12.9 x 5.2 x 6.7 cm) and heterogeneous in echotexture.  No focal uterine mass identified. The endometrial thickness (11mm) is within normal limits. There are intrinsic hyperechoic foci within the endometrium,suggesting small calculi.

I went to the GYN consult this week, and basically was given 1- progesterin pills with 1 refill, and sent out on my merry way, no follow up planned, no MRI planned, nothing.  My mother had a hysterectomy at 27 due to cancerous material in her uterus.  My younger sister had endometriosis and had hysterectomy several years ago.  My maternal grandmother died from breast cancer and several aunts on both sides of the family have had breast cancer. Now I am not a hypochondriac, quite the opposite actually-I hate seeing a doctor and getting poked with needles, but I can't shake this feeling that maybe I should be pursuing these findings more diligently.
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