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My sister is complaining of muscular pain, she's only 25...

Hello. My sister has been, just as of lately (last 4 months or so), complaning of muscular pain. She's only 25. She says ALL of her muscles feel 'tight' and so worn out. When she walks even just 4 steps, she's extremely worn out and out of breath. She's never been one to complain about pain or anything but she's really worried. Now, I must say that from about age 16-25(present) she never did anything what-so-ever to work her muscles in any way. I told her they're probably extremely atrophied and now that she's been up and about more often (has a 13month old), they're probably getting a little work-out or something. I really don't know what to tell her and she doesn't have health insurance. We're both pretty worried. Oh, I should also include that she's always been malnourished with a weight only between 85-99lbs. She does NOT have any type of eating disorder, she's just a picky eater. (It makes me mad, but she'll actually ignore her hunger because she's too lazy to get up and make food! :/ ) So lately, now that she's been around more, I've been cooking a little for her here and there, but as I said, she's picky and it's hard to make anything she'll eat. ANYWAYS- She looked up her symptoms and thought it could be the beginning of MS? Any ideas? Any more questions about her, let me know, and I'll post asap. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! :) - Kate-
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It sounds like your sister might have Celiacs disease, I recommend that she get tested.

I hope this helps,
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She might also want to look into eosinophilic esophagitis. As far as Celiac-- my sister never worked her muscles either-- she was too tired-- caused by gluten. She also had a lot of muscle pain and was at one point diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Here is some sites about Celiac--
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Does your sister have anxiety or highly stressed?

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Endometriosis and possible MS which turned out that I didnt have it thank God.  This all started when I finished school.

I have lived with this pain forever and I truly know what she is talking about. The pain is real although it cant be seen.

Tell me more about her personality that might help, including the weight. Has she always been a picky eater, does it hurt when she eats certain things?  
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