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Urine leakage?

As I have posted before, I have endo on my bladder and ureter, and have since had urinary issues (extreme frequency, urgency, etc.). After treating hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction (it is FINALLY back to normal!) I have noticed that I still have the same frequency/urgency problems, which honestly doesnt surprise me all the much. I did just discover that I leak urine :/ I had been unsure about this for a while now, but I went on a new medication that turns my pee blue and, well now I'm seeing blue... Has anyone else had this problem? I've been having a major increase in left side pain (shooting down my groin) and I don't know why.
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The groin pain would make me think of a cyst. Do you feel it more when you ovulate or on menses?  

Have you been tested for IC (Interstitial Cystitis)?

I have the same issues but pain down my appendix side which I call my right side LOL.. the pain is so intense and I have leakage, urgency, pain , at night etc

I also had deep floor resection as well as a Presacral Neurectomy so some of the nerves could have been damaged. My cystocopy was negative for IC.

So I am back at square one as well. I am having surgery in 11 days and I had a bladder resection as well as left ureter involvement but she is a new doctor and said she wont touch it if its on my bladder!!! I dont get it.

Anyways only time will tell if I get no answer which I am sure I wont I will make an appointment with a urologist again. I was also told I had PFD too so I really dont know
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Good luck to you on your surgery, hope all goes well!!  I've been diagnosed with Endo since late 20's and now 36, for the last 2 years fought frequent and urgent urine issues and the OBGYN did a pelvic ultrasound and found nothing and sent me to a Urologist and he said bladder is fine and now wants me to see a GI dr, but I've been there done that and I know it's my endo so I'm seeking a specialist in ENDO to see if there's anything else to do?  I have to wear a heavy maxi pad daily because of leakage, it's so not want I want to do in my 30's.  But we'll see.  If you have any input let me know.  
Best wishes and blessed health to you!!
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