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Seizures? or something else?

For a long time now (at least 6 months to a year, maybe further back) i have had the symptom of smelling something that isnt there. For example, out of nowhere, while sitting in my room, i might experience the very strong smell of something that isnt there. Its usually something with a strong smell. Off the top of my head i can remember once smelling lasagna for a quick second to the point where i would want to cringe and then it was gone in a breath. almost like a quick feeling in my nose and then its gone. I know the smell isnt actually there. This happens randomly and can be from a couple times a day to once a month, essentially unpredictable. I was tested for seizures as a child although i dont remember anything about why or what i got out of it. Googling this phenomena only really comes back with epilepsy or a brain tumor as a result. Insight on the matter would be appreciated. Or advice. I understand i should be seeing a doctor but because of where I live it makes it difficult. Thank you for any and all help. If it matters, im male and in my young twentys.
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It sounds like you are having an olfactory hallucination also called phantosmia. You are correct when you said it can be a result of a brain tumor or seizures, but phantosmia most often occurs as a result of a head injury or upper respiratory infection. It can also be caused by sinusitis, migraine's, Parkinson's disease or even a stroke.

Since it can be a result of what I listed or in other serious underlying disorders, you need to see a doctor to find out what is really going on.
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