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advice 2nd opinion or not...

my daughter is 5yrs old she suffers absent attacks which have recently been decreased due to her medications - saying this recently i have placed cctv in her bedroom for the noises i hear at night time she gets in and out of bed unknowingly wakening very much most of the night - day time she is angry and aggressive and sometimes very tearful both at home and at school she was on 4ml twice daily of levertericatam and 2ml of melotonin at night she started shouting in her sleep seeing things dots on walls dinosaurs inside walls inside tv and at the same time was soiling and wetting herself. her consultant then reduced the levertericatam down to 3 1/4 ml that night and up to 3 and 3/4mls the next morning which is a 1/4 ml less than the dose she was on her behavior over this time has become worst irritable shouting screaming aggressive the shouting has stopped wetting still happening but last night she awoke around 33 times staring sitting up getting out of bed looking in the corner of her room going bk to bed over and over again , i have spoken to her consultant again this evening and he now wants me to double the dose of melotonin to 4ml at night im so worried about this can you give me any advice please.
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Two things: I've heard from some that melatonin shouldn't be taken with seizure meds. From what I can see, there's no conclusion one way or the other but something for you to look more into maybe?

Secondly, a bunch of us were having this discussion the other day. Apparently, a bunch of moms have seen an increase in mood swings and bad behaviors in their children who take Keppra (levetericitam). You may want to have this discussion as well and try another medication.
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...hence the term Keppra Rage.  My granddaughter was recent
sorry... recently seen by an Epileptologist.  She was put on Melatonin to be taken about 2 hours before bedtime.
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